Tuesday, May 14

Synchronicity Of Being Alone Again Naturally

Gilbert O'Sullivan Alone Again Naturally
Gilbert O'Sullivan with words from Alone Again Naturally
An emotional story today from Margaret which follows on from a recent 67 Not Out post. My thanks to Margaret for sharing.

"Your post about symbols and synchronicity hit the mark with me and brought back memories from a long time ago. [see Synchronicity Appears When A Symbol Proves Its Significance]

At the time in the early 1970s I had my first real boyfriend, Ian, who I believed was the love of my life. During our time of going out together he bought me an LP by Gilbert O'Sullivan. This was back when records were plastic discs.

Gilbert was my favourite pop star at the time and I played the LP over and over again. It was also special because Ian had bought it for me and had written a sweet message on the sleeve.

To keep it short our romance broke up. He found another girl, much more attractive and out going than me. I was shattered on the night he told me that we were over. I remember I cried a lot in my bedroom and then went to play the Gilbert O'Sullivan record Ian had given me. As I took it out of the sleeve, I don't know how, but it dropped to the floor and broke.

Though I didn't realise at the time it was the symbol that said our romance was over, completely broken.

Since all those years ago I married and had children. My husband died in January last year.

The evening after I read your post, and some other regular web sites I look at, I turned on the radio to Gold, where they play hits from the past. The record they were playing was one of Gilbert O'Sullivan's hits, 'Alone Again Naturally.'

In my reflective moments while on my own I sometimes wonder what happened to Ian."

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  1. Interesting synchro - and sad. I've heard of this happening with other objects that were gifts from a special person, but never a record sleeve. The universe uses uses whatever symbols are available to it.

    1. As you infer, the universe could possibly use whatever is available.

  2. That's a weepy story, made me feel quite sad.

    1. Quite a sad feeling to the story.