Wednesday, June 5

Stories Of How White Feathers Comfort The Bereaved.

White feather comforting bereaved

It's back to white feathers comforting the bereaved today. Here are two stories I have received from readers. They both wish to remain anonymous.

My brother passed away 2 weeks ago aged 42 after only a 4 month battle with cancer. As a family we are grief stricken.

I mentioned to my parents about the white feather theory and last Wednesday a flower came up through their patio slabs with a white feather attached.

On Monday night, it was dismal and getting dark, I was feeling so upset when I happened to look out of the patio doors and a white feather floated down onto a planter.

Last night I was texting my brother's best friend, I suggested he look up the white feather theory online but didn't tell him we had seen any feathers. He visited my brother's grave today and beside the grave was a white feather.

Three coincidences in just over a week? We didn't go out looking for them and didn't really expect to see them but we did. They have provided some small comfort.

On February 15th my friend Katharine died unexpectedly. She was someone I had known for over ten years. Our children were about the same ages and we shared our parenting skills as well as our troubles. I felt empty inside when I heard of her death from her distraught husband.

The same night I had to go to a parent's evening at the school. I didn't want to go but thought I must carry on for my children's sake. As I opened the door of my car a fluffy white feather floated into the car and settled on the passenger seat.

After the parent's evening, when I got home, I found your website about white feathers on the Internet. All of the stories were incredible. As I turned off my laptop another feather settled next to be on the sofa where I was sitting.

Being honest, I don't know for sure the feathers came to me from Katharine but it made me think about lots of the good times we had together and I thanked her for her friendship.

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  1. Ever since I first read your personal stories about white feathers, Mike, I have wondered if white feathers are an archetype. I think they are in the Jungian sense - common to all people. All its takes to see one is awareness and a desire to know our loved ones who have passed are okay on the other side.

  2. like these feather stories mike. never really believed them at first but there are lots of examples. i can now see how they might be true



    1. To go with my above comment:

      Sometimes we can't see the Forrest for the trees.-)