Saturday, July 13

Serenity In The Garden For Positive Life Changes

I don't usually do 'How-To' posts but I thought this meditation may be of interest as it could be adapted in other ways. It's taken from Madonna Gauding's book The Meditation Bible and it's about meditating while gardening. So, here we go, er, in a quiet serene sort of way, of course.

Visualisation used here, can turbo-charge positive changes in your life as it has a powerful effect on the mind. Use weeds to symbolise negative habits you want to drop, which helps to reduce negative emotions and promote positive growth.

Try this meditation while you're weeding. Get out your gardening gloves and collect any tools you might need such as a trowel or fork.

Sit under a tree. Bring to mind any negative habits you may have, such as a tendency to lose your temper or procrastinate. Think of as many as you like. Imagine that the weeds in the patch are are the physical representation of your negative habits.

Get up from under the tree and approach the area you are planning to weed. See the whole as your mind. See the flowers and plants as your positive traits and the weeds as those negative traits that you want to eliminate.

As you begin to weed, try to stay very focused and mindful. When you pull out a weed by the roots, think that you are pulling out your negative habit by the roots. Continue this way until all the weeds are removed.

Finish by cultivating, feeding and watering the plants and flowers. Think of them as your positive traits that you would like to nurture.

That's it: meditation made easy. Why complicate something that is simple and enjoyable - and can bring results.

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  1. Great meditation! I would rather do meditation like this than setting aside a time each morning to sit with my eyes shut.

    1. It could be adapted for when we are doing all sorts of other things as well.

  2. I always find weeding rather traumatic. It is a moral dilemma - killing one plant or plants so that one with qualities I find more desireable can flourish. I do not have so much trouble weeding vegetables as one must eat for survival but determing who shall live and who shall die based on how beautiful they are and how nice my garden will look makes me feel like a lessor person. I always feel like I am accumulating bad karma with each weed pulled.

    1. An interesting comment, but I feel we are able to weed quite happily. If we didn't we would get overrun. Of course "if you feel like you are accumulating bad karma" you probably are - what we believe often comes to fruition.