Thursday, July 18

The Darker Side Of Synchronicity

Negative synchronicity

Sometimes it's easy to forget that there can be a negative aspect to synchronicity. An example of this known to us all is the sinking of the Titanic.

The iceberg that was to be one of the causes of so many deaths was created thousands of years ago but just happened to break off from Greenland, while the Titanic was being constructed. It headed toward the North Atlantic and eventually crossed paths with the ship resulting in the deaths of so many passengers.

Had the Titanic kept to its original schedule it would not have collided with the iceberg.

So in this instance coincidences or synchronicity caused many deaths.

In his book The Power of Coincidence David Richo gives a more personal example of the dark side of synchronicity:

"You meet someone who captivates you. By synchronicity you meet up with him or her again and again. You are excited and you presume this is the force of destination.

"You believe he or she is your soul mate but in reality he or she is the trickster who takes all you have and leaves you flat. There was indeed a connection between you but it was not destiny. It was karma.

"You met him or her so you could learn something, not so you could live happily ever after.  This appears to be negative synchronicity but becomes positive when you gain knowledge of yourself from your experience, learn not to seek revenge but let go, and of course, become more careful the next time."

As with everything there are extremes: good and bad, hot and cold so likewise synchronicity can have a negative side but perhaps, as David Richo suggests, this is brought on by karma and is therefore created by our own actions.

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  1. Good post Mike and I agree with what David Richo says,even though it is hard from down here on the playing surface to fully understand the complexities of life.
    I believe there are certain people that we are destined to meet up with for a period of time,who knows maybe many lives and work things through with ?
    But,that doesn't mean that it will be a picnic,either...and hey,I'm all for picnics.
    But just as we are destined to meet groups of people,maybe we are destined to run into certain situations,not always good from our earthly perspective down here.
    I mean even the bad syncs can make you see that there is something going on behind the scenes of life,even if we don't quite get it,and what it is all about.
    A test isn't a test,if we are told all the answers in advance,but sometimes we could do with a few ques or hints.
    Synchronicity is like your daily newspaper,neither good or bad,it just tells it to you like it is,although minus the editorial agenda,I would hope.
    It is a communication tool,just like a newspaper is,it carries bad news as well as good,but a lot of people just seem to want synchronicities to bring only good news their way,which is like a newspaper only bringing good news their way,which seems rather naive to me.
    Synchronicity is like life,both good and bad and we should always seek a balanced viewpoint on both,just like we would hope to find in a good newspaper.

    For instance,if I got hit and killed in a freak accident by a bus falling off an overpass with the number 237 on it,on July 23rd,that had a poster of Stephen King's latest book plastered on the side of it,would that be a synch,even though I got killed ?
    I'm sure people would be reading my blog when I'm gone saying,well he should have seen that one coming.
    But,what if that's the way I arranged for my departure in advance (from the other side of know you can't rely on bus time tables down here.-),so people would sit back and think about the so called coincidences in life a little bit more,when they read my story on the news,or blogs like mine,or this one ?
    Sure,I wouldn't expect my immediate family to be tickled pink over the "accident",but life is a wider playing field than just family groups and who knows what it means in the wider scheme of things...since we are all connected really ?
    None of us get out of here alive,as they say,and while I have no wish from my earthly point of view to get crowned by a number 237 bus on July 23rd,who knows what contract I signed before my first breath ?
    You would have to remind me because it's been a while since then,and my memory isn't the same as it used to be .-)

    The point is a bad synchronicity ,or premonition may reveal just as much of life's purpose as a good one.Let's face it,at some point in this old game we are going to be dealt a bad card,the question is do you want to know what it is before you are dealt it ?
    Probably not,but others may see it coming before you do,or at least marvel at your final score and mumble to themselves,"well what are the odds of that happening"?-)

    1. Thanks for your time Darren, as usual you make some good points.

      Even the bad synchros are good if we are here to learn. Everything that happens makes us what we are and clouds our ideas and opinions.

      Mind you, I hope it turns out that I've planned something better than your bus scenario! But who knows.

      But it's hard to see the big picture at times.

    2. foci999@msn.com12:22

      What made you pick that date Darren?? I've come here for some answers and ...... that's my birthday!
      Contact me please.

  2. Good post and great comment from Daz! Sometimes synchros happen that seem to reveal a particular path/relationship or whatever but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the choice you should make. I haven't read this book, so onto my list it goes!

    1. Hopefully we do have some free choice to decide on what path or relationship to take. I don't like the idea that everything has been planned out exactly.

  3. "Two Americans killed in the Mumbai terrorist attacks and several others who were injured had been traveling together in India on a pilgrimage with the Synchronicity Foundation, a meditation group based in Virginia.

    Bobbie Garvey, the vice president of Synchronicity, said today at a press conference that two members of the group, Alan Scherr, 58, and his daughter, Naomi, 13, were killed in the attacks."