Thursday, August 1

Genuine UFO Encounters And Abductions

Trish and Rob MacGregor
Trish & Rob MacGregor
A video today featuring my blogging friends Trish and Rob MacGregor.

Trish and Rob are well known authors of countless books. Their latest offering is Aliens In The Back Yard and details of this are included within the following video. First, to quote from the video blurb:

"Host Rick Scouler welcomes New York Times Best Selling Author Rob MacGregor and his wife Edgar Award Winning Author Trish MacGregor to the program for a discussion of their new book - Aliens in the Backyard: UFO Encounters, Abductions, & Synchronicity.

"In the early morning hours of March 28, 2011, Charles and Helene Fontaine experienced something that they thought was only real in the movies and on television. The synchronicities that followed their UFO encounter shattered their beliefs about the nature of reality.

"One evening in 1981, Connie J Cannon was on I-75 with her young son, en route to their new home in Florida, when they suddenly found themselves on a military base, with a man in uniform holding a gun to her head as three Grays stood nearby.

"In 1970, pilot Bruce Gernon was chased by something through the Bermuda Triangle and he has been talking about it ever since - to UFO Hunters, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, the History Channel, the Sci-Fi channel, and all their foreign counterparts. For Gernon, the synchronicities have appeared in the aftermath with at least 20 sighting or encounters with UFOs."

And now the video:

How To Get The Book:
Aliens in the Backyard: on Amazon USA
Aliens in the Backyard: on Amazon UK

Aliens In The Backyard

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  1. I must check these guys out Mike.
    It looks like they might have an
    interesting blog.-)

    1. I'd messed up the link to their blog - now corrected. So you are just one click away from taking a look at their interesting blog - I think you might quite like it :)

  2. Ha, you guys! Thanks you, Mike! I was sitting at the kitchen table when I brought this up on my ipad. Just then, rob walks out into the kitchen, glances at the screen, and says, Hey, that's us!"

  3. interesting video I watched most of it