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Top Ten Posts For July

Top 10 Posts July

A list of the top ten most viewed posts for July on 67 Not Out. There are a few older posts that still remain popular like the Red Balloon Coincidence, which has now topped 78,000 visits and Ghostly Rye, along with the Concentration Camp post, have both clocked up over 56,000 views.

A couple in the top ten (nos. 8 & 10) were published this July, and are about one of my recent trips away: a coincidence story and a ghostly photo.

1. The White Dove As A Messenger Of The Dead
One day I came home from work and a white dove was perched on the steps that lead up to the front door of my house. No doves or birds of any kind were ever previously on my steps. This white dove would not move to let me by. I made noises, waved my hand, stared at the dove ... Read full story.

2. The Ghost Who Chased A Thief
We were both asleep in our beds when I heard a sound from one of the spare bedrooms. Suddenly this turned into almost a shout and there was a crashing noise. I'm not very brave but I got up to see what was happening. As I did so I saw a man climbing out of the window saying ... Read full story.

Madonna Illuminati
3. Elvis Presley And Madonna's Satanic Illuminati Links
Elvis Presley was programmed by the Illuminati. We know that at times he went by code names, one which is publicly known was John Burrows. His group, called the Memphis Mafia, have talked about his ability to go into altered states of ... Read full story.

4. The Concentration Camp Romantic Coincidence
It goes back to 1944. A young man, Antonin Nowak, just 14 years of age was in a concentration camp in Poland, one of the many injustices of World War II. Through the high fence he often saw a young girl of ... Read full story.

5. Ghostly Rye: The Most Haunted Town In England
As we settled in we liked to walk around the town late at night along the cobbled streets and past the old buildings full of history, while no one else was about. Sometimes it felt like having slipped through a time zone ... Read full story.

6. The Meaning Of White Feathers As Messages From The Dead
By white feathers I mean how they can often be found following a loved ones death. This has certainly been my own experience. I lost three people close to me in a short period of time ... Read full story.

Red balloon clip art coincidence
7. The Red Balloon Coincidence
It seemed the obvious thing to do for a 10 year old. Laura Buxton was at her grandparent's golden wedding anniversary and there was a helium filled balloon going spare. So she wrote on a label her ... Read full story.

8. The Lynmouth Flood Coincidence And The Town Today
There is a coincidence attached to the disaster. As mentioned the flood was in 1952 and exactly 52 years later, again on the identical night of the 15th of August, there was another nasty flood at the nearby town of ... Read full story.

9. The Devil's Great Thunderstorm Of 1638 At Widecombe On Dartmoor
Widecombe Church, dedicated to St.Pancras, has it's own claim to fame being the scene of the Great Thunderstorm of 1638. Lightning struck the church tower and part of it fell through the roof. A fire-ball then passed through the church and ... Read full story.

10. The Photo Of The Ghost Of Broomfield Cottage Tawstock
One night, however, Karin had gone up to bed and I was sitting on a settee looking out at the living room. For some reason I felt I should take a photo - the one above - and then a second one as below. These were taken within seconds of each other. Maybe it's a reflection or something, or just my imagination but in the second photo ... Read full story.

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  1. I enjoyed all of these. In the last photo of the anonymous, he's a PhD who knows physics. Really? He sounds a lot like the poetry critic who recently left scathing comments at gypsywoman's blog.

    1. Funny you should mention that comment - because there was another anonymous comment yesterday disagreeing with the 'PhD' opinion.