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The Guardian Angels From Somewhere

Guardian Angel

Here's a questioning small piece from 89 year old Coralie of Manchester that got me off on a disjointed train of thought.

"The idea of Guardian Angels is interesting, but why does 'religion' have to come into the equation?

"Should there be beings who look like us humans but have wings etc.? Here's another view.

"When we sleep, we leave our bodies and go - where? Into another dimension? Are we being shown what happens when we don't return to our bodies, when we 'die', for want of a better word?

"I'm quite sure that I've been watched and helped all my life. Everything I've needed - not wanted, but needed - be it good or bad, has been given to me.

"Who or what is doing this watching or guiding we cannot possibly imagine because we're only human.

"I've been near death many times, especially during the war, as we all were then. Perhaps we're being experimented with.

"I also know that I return to my somewhat ancient body every morning for some reason. I've lived almost 90 years, seen and done everything, so why do I keep returning? Maybe one day I'll find out."

I agree with Coralie that the subject of Guardian Angels is interesting. A recent survey by the pollster ICM recently found that 31% of British people - and 41% of British women - said they believed Guardian Angels existed.

Gemma Arterton
Gemma Arterton
We also have the likes of actress Gemma Arterton, Hollywood's Denzil Washington and UK television presenter Gloria Hunniford all saying that they believe in Guardian Angels. It's almost the in thing to be part of. Just look at how many angel tattoos are wobbling about on various celebrity bodies.

I've never personally seen such an angel - a real one that is - but I do have the feeling that I am sometimes looked after or helped along the way. Last year when I had kidney surgery it felt like I was being comforted prior to the operation. Karin couldn't believe how I was joking with the doctors and nurses and how relaxed I was. (It wasn't drugs!) Somehow I knew there was nothing to worry about.

I read a few days back that Gloria Hunniford claims to have a parking angel which helps her find spaces for her car. I've got one too! I wrote about this in a post How To Get A Car Parking Space Using Coincidences back in January 2011. It works along the lines of: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find ..."

Books on angels, such as Lorna Byrne's Angels In My Hair are big sellers. I believe it has sold well over half a million copies.

But what do those doubting Thomas experts say on the subject? Professor Of Psychology at Goldsmiths University says:

"A lot of these people are genuinely seeing these things. For example, mountain climbers who have lost their bearings sometimes report seeing a figure guiding them out of the danger.

It may be a psychological defence when faced with danger. Of course, we don't hear from those whose guardians led them off the edge of a cliff!"

Neuroscientists have tried to explain away visions of this nature. In 2005 Swiss researchers found that sending a small electric current through the left temporoparietal junction (a small area at the back of the brain which retains visual memories and sensory information) resulted in patients seeing ghostly figures.

Tibetan Monk
Brain scans taken of Tibetan monks showed mystical experiences tended to occur when sections at the front of the brain were very active, while those involved in navigation and spatial orientation were calm. This led to the assumption that there is a physical difference in the brains of those who experience such visions.

Going back to those celebrities who say they have seen or have a Guardian Angels. Believers often say that the vision ends with the angel passing on a message or sign in the form of white feathers. I've written many posts about white feathers.

Gemma Arterton has been quoted as saying that she has feathers which follow her everywhere.

The televison presenter and author Judy Finnegan says she found white feathers in her house, which she believes were evidence of her friend Caron Keating, who died of cancer, returning as an angel.

Those experts will claim that such phenomena simply reflect the human need to find patterns and significance in otherwise random events. Huh! I can disagree as I have seen white feathers over and over after the loss of loved ones.

It's up to us what we believe and sometimes I'm happy to look upwards and say 'thank you' following some help or even just for finding a car parking space. I must admit though I'm not exactly sure who or what I'm saying thank you to - but I feel it's a power for good.

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  1. Re:
    "The idea of Guardian Angels is interesting, but why does 'religion' have to come into the equation?"

    I wouldn't say that I was a religious person,as I believe most religions are just control mechanisms to tell people what they should believe.But I would say that I'm a spiritual person (although not quite an angel.-) and have to say that there are a lot of good and truthful things mixed into religions.
    Imagine getting a bowl full of truth and a bowl full of lies and mixing them together,now try pulling the truth out of the finished product.
    Call them angels if you want to,spirits,soul companions,whatever you like.There is pretty good evidence these things do exist (I'll stick my hand up right now and say on at least three occasions in my life I was saved by such a being,and on one occasion I certainly resented it).
    And don't think dreams are like being dead Coralie,because they are nothing the same.
    That would be like saying dreams are like real life.And unless your dreams are much more realistic than my silly fragmented nigh-time dreams then I can say to you leaving your body and dreaming are as different as being awake and dreaming.
    I sort of cringe at the term "guardian" angel though,because while beings certainly do stop people from being hit by a bus or getting on a doomed flight,I feel that's because it wasn't really their time yet.
    When the right time comes though,I'll bet they'll be there with their mop and bucket as you hit the pavement from accidentally sleepwalking over the rails of your tenth floor apartment.
    Some things just seemed meant to happen no matter how gruesome,for some unknown
    (to me anyway) reason.

    That's my 2c worth for the day,although I'm sure to some it's not even worth that.-)

    Religious,atheist,or just somewhere in between,if we just followed our heart and treated people like we wanted to be treated, wouldn't we all be worshiping
    at the true alter,anyway ?
    In my book,any religion that disagreed with that,isn't a true religion.

    1. I don't belong to any religion but like you I try to be spiritual, though I probably often fail.

      Agree with the 'do as you would be done by' sentiment.

      My answer to most things is karma - when things go right or wrong, the circumstances we are born into and so on.

      But what the heck do any of us really know.

    2. All I really know at this stage is that real out of body experiences are nothing like dreams,they are like reality,not dreams.
      I get sick of reading material in books where people say OBEs are like lucid dreams and dreaming.
      Unless they can dream as clear as reality appears to be when they are awake,then they are not talking about the same phenomena.
      All I do know is that dreams are nothing like OBEs or reality.
      All three are totally different to each other.
      I just wanted to clear that point up.
      What happens on the other-side though afterwards,I haven't got a clue.
      All I can say is that OBEs are no more an illusion than your natural eyesight and hearing.
      Don't ask me how it works though,as I have no clue,just as I couldn't tell you how my TV or mobile phone worked if you asked me.

    3. I haven't experienced an OBE but have spoken to people who have and, like you, they 'know' these are very different from dreams. It doesn't really matter as to how they work.

  2. Great post, Mike. I've never seen an angel, but certainly have felt watched over, protected by something or someone. Organized religion too often gives people excuses for being intolerant of others who are different than they are - different color, gay, whatever. I'm with Daz- any religion that teaches hatred and intolerance isn't spiritual at all. It's just a vehicle for control.

    1. Yes, have to agree that religions are generally about control and often instilling fear.

      Sometimes I feel protected - regardless of whether everything is mapped out or not. Hopefully good karma helps.

  3. i could do with a guradian angel right now. if you have a spare one could you send him or her over to me please

    1. Anonymous00:21

      here you are Tom - beautiful Raphael - tall, dark and majestic - all for you!!

  4. I'm a believer in angelic beings and like Daz, feel the "guardian" label is an encouragement of powerlessness, and religions are formed to compensate for that.

    What often baffles me when "experts" make arguments to discredit spiritual/energetic influences on humans - it now includes experiments with man made machines that harness something invisible. If we can generate electrical impulses and record brainwaves, then share the results through Wi-Fi clouds, "experts" need to reassess what they are studying in relation to how they are doing so.

    1. I don't think most 'experts' are ready to take the next step. It'll take someone with more courage. Most always want to disprove rather than prove.