Monday, August 12

Her Dead Father Crossed Thousands Of Miles To Visit Her

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A short story today to illustrate that there are no distance limitations for a dead person - here a father in Indonesia visits his daughter in England following his death.

"Two years ago I was in bed with my husband and my daughter - she always seems to get into our bed in the middle of the night.

"At about 2am, I woke up suddenly as I felt someone watching us. I looked at the door and saw my Dad. He just stood there watching the three of us cuddling each other. He then turned around and I heard his steps on the stairs.

"I got up and followed him downstairs but nobody was there. I put the lights on, made myself a cup of coffee then went to the living room, put the fire on and sat there for an hour or so. I felt confused as my Dad lives in Jakarta and I'm in the UK.

"The phone rang and it was my sister. She told me that my Dad had passed away at 8am Jakarta time. This would have been about 2am in the UK, which was the time I saw Dad in my bedroom."

~ Heni

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  1. Great story. This kind of visitation probably is more common than we realize.