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White Doves As Messengers From The Dead

White dove a messenger from the dead

A post I published back in February 2012, The White Dove As A Messenger Of The Dead, has been getting quite a lot of views over the last several weeks. Here are some readers' responses.

"A friend of mine passed away about 15 months ago and died fairly young at 32 years old. He was hit by a car while walking home one day.

"Yesterday would have been his 34th birthday (7/1/13) and I posted a message on his Facebook page that went something like this: 'Happy Birthday! Please show me a sign that you have received this message.'

 "As I was driving to work this morning a big white dove appeared out of nowhere. I thought I was going to hit the bird as it caught my attention but it swooped to the left and flew closely alongside me for a few seconds as I drove down the highway.

"It was there for a bit and then vanished as mysteriously as it had appeared. I turned my head to see where it was and quickly looked for it in my rear view mirrors but it was gone.

"When it disappeared the first thing that came to my mind was my friend. Yes it may have been a coincidence but I have never seen any doves in this town.

"It was the biggest dove I had ever seen. It was almost the size of a seagull but  it was definitely a dove and possibly a sign from my friend that he indeed had received my 'Happy Birthday!' message."

~ A.O.

"I think I was saved by an angel yesterday.

"I was riding bikes with a friend along the L.A river on a bike path and we stopped under a bridge. I saw a white dove fly and sit on a ledge under the bridge and was staring at me the whole time.

"That night I was getting a ride home and was in the front passenger seat and a car came flying out of an alley. I saw it happen in slow motion as the car almost hit the side I was on. At the last moment we swerved out of the way just before the car hit us.

"I don't know if the white dove meant something but I feel it was my Guardian Angel."

~ George Daniels

"My wonderful brother was seriously ill in hospital. We didn't know if he would survive.

"I had been at the hospital for most of the day, sitting holding his hand. It got late, I'm not sure exactly but it must have been nearly midnight and the nurse on duty suggested I go home. I didn't want to do this but she persuaded me to do so.

"As left the hospital I made my way to the car park and had to put some money in the machine. As I did so a beautiful white dove flew down and sat on the sign for the hospital. The car park was reasonably well lit so I'm sure it was a dove.

"After I had paid the car park fee I walked to my car and as I sat in the driving seat my mobile rang. It was the nurse saying I should come back to the hospital.

"As I reached my brother he actually smiled at me and then passed away.

"Later when I left the hospital again the white dove was still sitting on the sign. Though my husband says it must have been my imagination the dove seemed to look at me and then he flew away. I feel it was either my brother's spirit or some sort of sign from him."

~ Belinda Wilson

"My friend told me how her auntie and uncle were being harassed by a young, rowdy, anti-social drug dealing family and their customers living across the road.

"So I visualised the auntie's place guarded by two huge angels at the front door and two at the back gate. I placed an identical angelic quartet guarding the other hostile household on the principle that those who menace others often do so out of a deep seated fear of their own vulnerability.

"Anyway, by a curious coincidence white feathers started getting found round the house and things calmed down."

~ alanborky

In July 2008 my step father died of a very aggressive cancer, melanoma. A few hours before his death, I looked out his window at the hospice centre he was at and I noticed a few white doves near a base of a small tree.

After I left, a few hours later, I got a call from my mom that he had passed.

Later that evening I went for a walk with my family down the street, looked up and noticed a few white doves flying above me. To this day, I do not recall seeing white doves flying around.

I always wondered about this dove sighting experience. Just thought I would share.

~ anon

Thank you to all of the writers of the above stories. Your comments are always welcome.

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  1. These experiences are beautiful! Doves are associated with peace, white symbolizes purity, so what better messenger for a spirit?

  2. I think these stories of birds as messengers are a lot more common than we think,especially the white feather stories.I often have correspondence between a person who is good friends with Julian Lennon and I told them to mention your group of white feather stories to him since Julian has the 'White Feather' charity set up because of a sign he received from his own father.

    So you just never know who's reading these stories you have collected and what effect their ripples produce in the world to bring comfort to others,do you?
    The more stories you gather,the stronger the case is that there is something definitely going on here with the white feather (and doves)as a sign from beyond.
    Keep them coming.

    1. I did a post a while back on the Lennon white feather. I've had too many white feather (and now white dove) stories for them to be a 'coincidence'. Sometimes though we seem to only realise things after we have heard of someone else's experience.

  3. Anonymous03:53

    Today as I sat in church I received a phone call from my mother saying my Cousin whom I adore was just removed from life support. We talked for a while longer and I said I would call my Cousins daughter in about an hour when church service let out to see how things were progressing. I went back to my seat, still in shock. As I sat I prayed that she had the chance to receive salvation. I asked the Lord to give me a sign. As we were walking to our car from the Church, I loked up and seen a white dove fly directly overhead. We live in a very incorporated area of town and in the 20 plus years I have come out of that Church house I have never before seen a white dove flying nearby. I really believe it was a sign that she was safe with Jesus. I learned later that she had passed not long after I got the phone call from my mother.

    1. Thank you for your experience.

  4. GregP!00:43

    My mother passed earlier this year from cancer. I spent the year earlier with her while I finished college. It was a great reconnection because I was always close to my mom and did a good amount of traveling together. She stayed up many nights with me when I had pressing homework due and discussing everything. I would also take my mother to her doctor appointments and we would always go to lunch afterwards.
    However I never cried I guess because I went through her kemo with her! My mother was such a care giver that even on her dying bed she was more concern about us her children than herself.
    Long story short, after her passing I dreamt her twice but on the third occasion it was a replay of her funeral. The following morning while picking up my company vehicle at the lot. I started to drive off when I noticed something white fell off the truck in my rear view. I pulled over and realized it was a bird. I first thought it was a white pigeon but after a close inspection it wasn't. I instinctively and carefully reached for my cell in order to take a pic. I didn't want to startle it so I took the first shot through the glass. When I noticed it wouldn't fly away I lowered my window and the dove flew towards me as I took another pic then it landed on top of my cab. I jumped out the truck and stared it in the face. The dove stared back and flew away until it was out of site! The shot I got is a one in a million...

  5. My nephew passed away this past Tuesday, August 25, 2015 on a motorcycle accident. He was only 25. He was a compassionate and an ambitious young man. 2 days after his passing a white appeared in the yard of his parents house and would not leave even when some people tried to get him to fly away. The dove persisted on hanging around his fiancé and appeared when his aunt was praying and calling to him. We have never seen a dove around our town or city. This is very unusual. We believe this was our nephew's spirit letting us know he is in peace.

  6. Anonymous02:42

    Last Dec I was outside and a white dove appeared on the corner of my house which was my grandmother's room. The next day my grandmother had a massive stroke. 3 weeks later the week of Christmas she passed away . After that I started seeing white feathers from time to time in strange places.