Monday, September 23

The 1696 Mallorcan Castle Also Used In The Spanish Civil War

Cala Bona Mallorca

Some of the places we visited on the island of Mallorca were very busy, like this scene at Cala Bona. So we headed to the very end of the seafront, where the sun umbrellas disappeared and the land is as it was before the developers came along to cash in on the tourism.

Headland at Cala Bona

Here there was peace and we left the crowds behind, other than a lone fisherman ...

Fisherman on headland at Cala Bona, Mallorca

... and the wild flowers of the headland.

Wild flowers of Mallorca

We had heard that on the headland there was an old castle so we followed the rocky tracks amongst the shrub-land and at last had a sighting.

Sighting of the Castell de la Punta de N'Amer Mallorca

And finally we made it to the Castell de Sa Punta de n'Amer.

Castell de la Punta de N'Amer, Cala Bona, Mallorca

The small castle or fortress was open to all visitors so we went to have a look round, first walking over the drawbridge ...

Castle drawbridge, Mallorca

and then inside ...

Castell de la Punta de N'Amer, Cala Bona, Mallorca

... and also up to a higher floor via a creepy spiral stone staircase while wondering who else has climbed here since 1696 when the castle was completed.

The castle steps

And finally up more steps to the battlements ...

Fortress battlements Mallorca

... with a view out to the Mediterranean sea.

Nature reserve Cala Bona Mallorca

The castle last saw any real action during the Spanish Civil War from 1936 to 1939. The headland was an important base for the army and the castle itself served as a news site for the nationalists.

Castell de Sa Punta de n 'Amer, Cala Nona,  Mallorca

Not far from the castle an annexe was built which served as accommodation for the soldiers. Fortunately today this has been turned into a small cafe/bar/restaurant.

Restaurant and bar at the castle on Cala Bona headland

Luckily it was open so we had an ice cold beer and later a coffee while looking out on wonderful scenery - perfect. Other than, of course, we still had a long walk back to where we had come from!

Coffee on Cala Bona headland

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  1. Wow, that beach is crowded! But the walk looks fantastic. That castle is similar to castillo de san marcos in st. augustine, fl. Same kind of layout, thick stone walls, creepy stone staircase, the whispers of the past. The view from "your" castle is really stunning.

    1. Didn't know of castillo de san marcos - just looked it up - must pay a visit some day!

  2. all looks good to me. glad you are back safely. i will catch up on your posts. all the best.

    1. Thanks Tom. Hoping all is well with you. I see I just missed you by a few minutes!

  3. Strangely similar. Here's a link to the post we did on san marcos:

    1. Thanks for the link Trish. I remember the post now that I have read it again but had forgotten the castle.