Monday, September 9

The Hidden Links Between Husbands And Wives

Family tree cartoon
Family Tree Links
Somehow I got to the Yahoo Answers website. I was searching for something else, but came across these two short coincidence stories. They illustrate the links there sometimes are between spouses, even years before they met.

"My dad died about five years before I met my wife. Likewise her father died some years ago.

"One day I said to her, "I wonder if they would have got on if they met."

"The next day someone gave me some old black and white photo's of my dad.

"There was a close up of him taking a break and smoke at work and chatting with another guy - my wife's father. They had met twenty years before us.

"Spooky but true."

~ Nosmo

"When I met my late husband we found that we both had a cat with the same name, born the same year and month!

"His fish was called Jellybean and that's the nickname I gave my daughter.

"Not that strange but strange enough."

~ Heidi

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  1. Good ones! The first story is amazing, really, when you think of the odds involved!

  2. My hubby and I met in college but when we compared our childhood and high school activities and friends, it was pretty amazing we had not met earlier.