Tuesday, August 16

Bernice Finally Met The Twin She Dreamed About

Twins coincidenceHere's a true story about Bernice Kozlowski from Nottingham in England.

The day Bernice was born the midwife, who was due to attend, was held up and it was left to a neighbour to help with her birth.

The midwife did eventually arrive, all breathless and flustered, and explained that she had been delivering another baby at exactly the same time.

This was in 1936 and as a small girl Bernice was obsessed with the idea that the other baby born at the same time as her was actually her twin. She dreamt about meeting her but never did.

The years rolled by, as they tend to do, and Bernice reached retirement age. As a special treat she was given a gift of spending a few days in a lovely hotel in a beautiful part of Britain, somewhere she had never been previously. It turned out to be a very remarkable marking of her birthday.

Along with her husband she had an excellent evening meal at the hotel and afterwards they made their way to the ballroom where there was to be music and entertainment. They spent an enjoyable time listening to the music and a talented singer.

A while later the compere made an announcement: "I have been informed that visiting us tonight is a lady from Nottingham and she has joined us here to celebrate her birthday. Could the lady stand up please?"

Bernice takes up the story: "In astonishment I glanced at my husband; he must have supplied the hotel staff with that information. But gazing at him I realised he seemed as shocked as I was by the announcement.

It was then I noticed another guest had also stood up. We stared at each other as folk surrounded us and began singing Happy Birthday.

I later discovered that not only did we share the same birthday and the same year but incredibly had been born at the same time of day.

More astonishing this stranger was in fact, the very person who so many years earlier had been the reason the midwife had been unable to deliver me.

What an amazing coincidence that, after so many years, we got to finally meet so far from our birth place.

Stranger, too, for us to meet for the very first time on our birthdays. Indeed it did feel almost as though I was meeting my twin."

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  1. another gd coincidence. amazing how they met after so many years, the odds against must be v high

  2. Great story. Talk about incredible odds!

  3. A fantastic story!