Tuesday, January 14

The Holy Well Which Protects Those Baptised From The Hangman's Noose

St Paul's Church, Ludvgan, Cornwall
If you want to avoid death by hanging the secret can be found at St Ludgvan's Holy Well, Cornwall. It is said that no child baptised in  its cool and crystal waters ever needed to fear the hangman's noose.

That's the thing about Cornwall, where I live, it was once populated by so many Saints - and many are hardly known. Take St Ludvgan for example.

St Ludvgan prayed for water and his pleas were, of course, answered by the appearance of a crystal clear stream. But there was more to the waters than their coolness.

The Saint washed his eyes in the sparkling stream and was amazed to find that this enabled him to see microscopic objects. Being quite chuffed about this he prayed some more and found that he now possessed a great fluency to his speech. 

For some reason he prayed yet again and bizzarely requested that all children baptised in the stream should be spared the hangman's cord.

The water had great powers which St Ludvgan had to put to the test. During one baptism, the young child in his arms called upon the name of Satan and the Saint was obliged to perform an immediate exorcism.

The Devil appeared before the congregation and they watched as he grew to a gigantic size before spitting into the water thus ruining its power to give the microscopic sight and the gift of great oratory.

The Devil however didn't remember to wipe out the waters power to save those children baptised from being hanged. St Ludvgan swung into action and despatched Satan to the Red Sea in a great flash of lightening, which also brought down one of the pinnacles of the church.

Today most of the powers of the well waters have been dissipated other than the promise of keeping baptised children free from the hangman's noose.

And that's St Ludvgan, sometimes known also as Ludowanus or Ludewon. The church at Ludvgan is now known as St Paul's church but was originally dedicated to both St Ludgvan and St Paul.

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  1. Your area is so rich with history and myths and stories like these! The tourism board should hire you to write for them! Better yet, would love a book on Cornwall.

  2. Suzie17:14

    Your posts on Cornwall always want me to visit the SW again.it's so interesting.