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Psychokinetic Potential And Beating The Odds Of 7776 To 1

Two sixes on dice

Here's a strange experience from a 67 Not Out reader, Terry.

I'm not sure if this comes under the category of coincidence but it was something I thought very bizarre and is still puzzling me.

I was playing with five dice, throwing them together to see the numbers that came up. My wife wasn't too impressed with this, as there was stuff to do in the garden. So she asked what I was doing.

I started explaining I was seeing how many sixes I could get. "Mmmm," she said and picked up the dice, shook and threw them. To my absolute amazement she rolled five 6's. She had a big grin on her face.

"How on earth did you do that," I asked, "That's nearly impossible."

I worked out the odds of this happening. It's 7776 to one (6x6x6x6x6)

"It was strange," she answered, "When I picked up the dice I knew it was going to happen."

She tried again and, of course, couldn't do it, only one six.

I'm still amazed at how the five 6's happened. One of those special moments or maybe I've got a witch for a wife.


All things are possible, even five 6's. I was looking through a book I have, The Element Encyclopedia of Ghosts & Hauntings, and came across what they call a Dice Test. It says that this is used in psi testing for investigating psychokinesis, the psychic power of the mind to influence objects. The simple test goes like this:

Concentrate your mind upon the throwing of a six (on a die). You can speak or shout at the dice but you may not in any other way influence it. If you score a six write this down. Do this thirty times. How many sixes did you score?

8+ There is less than 1% chance of attaining this score, good evidence for psychokinetic ability.

7. Psychokinetic potential high - there is less than 8% chance of attaining this score.

6. psychokinetic potential still likely as this is above chance.

3-5 Within the area of chance.

2. Less than 3% chance of attaining this score.

1. High psychokinetic potential but working backwards - less than 1% chance of attaining this score.

I just tried the above myself and with the first six throws got three sixes! But then it went downhill and I ended up with only five sixes in my 30 throws - which is within the area of chance. Disappointing, perhaps I got too over confident after my first six throws! But I will try again later.

I understand though what Terry's wife meant when she said she knew it was going to happen. A while back I bought a raffle ticket at a social event and when the raffle was being drawn I 'knew' I was going to win the prize (a hamper) and felt almost uncomfortable about this. And sure enough my number was drawn and I won.

There's lots that we don't fully understand about, well a lot of things.

Reference: The Element Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Hauntings

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  1. havent been to your blog as ive been in hospital again. will send you an email. hope your are ok

    1. Sorry to hear about you being in hospital again. I'll look out for your email.

  2. 'God does not play dice with the universe.'Albert Einstein.

    "It's more like poker". Darren B :-)

    1. There are always winners and losers whether dice or poker.

  3. Psychokinesis is an intriguing topic, for sure. We don't really understand the power of the mind it seems!