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Chance And Coincidence Don't Happen By Chance And Coincidence

Dice of chance and coincidence

I was reading in a newspaper magazine how Clare Balding became a sports presenter. For those who don't know of her she made a big name for herself in the UK following the London Olympics.

Though not my personal cup of tea, the general opinion is that she did an excellent, professional job. So much so that she never seems to be off the television screen ever since, what with interviews, quiz shows and so on and so on.

Anyway, the point is that she says that she got into becoming a broadcaster purely by 'chance'.

Following her graduation from Cambridge University she was enjoying a day at Windsor racecourse. This is where the 'chance' came in. While at the racing she was introduced to the BBC racing correspondent Cornelius Lysaght.

They chatted about horses - Clare's father and grandfather trained horses and she was an amateur jockey - and Lysaght asked her if she had ever considered a career in radio as he was looking for a racing reporter.

Clare writes in the newspaper, "It was this chance meeting that changed my life and gave me the broadcasting career I have today ... I now have the most wonderful life in the world and last year was the biggest year of the lot. I was incredibly excited to be covering the Olympics for the BBC."

It's the 'chance' factor that interests me.

Was this chance a nudge from fate or was it created by Clare herself?

With coincidence or chance I feel that there are two main ways these come about, though there are also perhaps many sub-divisions.

Firstly we create chance, coincidence and synchronicity ourselves by our thoughts, actions and deeds. If we visualise something properly, or think along certain lines whatever it is must come about - as long as we allow the universe to do it's work without hindrance.

We should therefore visualise and then release the thought, request or idea completely. The universe, for want of a better description, will then swing into action - often by what many would call chance or coincidence. We may bump into someone out of the blue, read something in a magazine, switch on the radio at the 'right' time and so on.

Secondly chance, coincidence and synchronicity come about from an outside source - the universe itself. We are helped, say, into a situation that is beneficial to us, or perhaps guided onto the course we should be following, to justify our purpose on Earth at this time.

Everything that happens to us happens for a reason. It's either self-produced or from a higher level. As I said, I believe there are also many subdivisions, too many to try and list here.

But chance and coincidence don't happen by chance or coincidence. They are for indicators and guidance along our path. As we have free will, it's our choice as to whether we can be bothered to follow them or not.

Complex happenings can emerge from simple interactions; seemingly minor events can escalate into chain reactions.

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  1. Maybe it's self-produced from a higher level?
    Like maybe certain plot points are planned before our lives here,with individuals we will meet,sort of like post hypnotic suggestions.
    I tend to go more with your second theory,because what if before life I had planned to get seriously hurt in a car accident...say crippled,or have my house blown away in a cyclone and have to rebuild my life all over because I had to learn a very hard life experience?
    Given the choice now when I'm in a physical body living it,there is no way in the world I would let that happen from down here if I could prevent it.
    Of course if I was meant to experience being a millionaire and living the life of a playboy I would give God the thumbs up and say don't forget that little deal we agreed on before I was born,will you?
    The life plan is a little more complex than that the law of attraction of Abraham Hicks and Co,I'm sure,and what looks like coincidence is probably anything but.From down here on planet earth though,we'll probably never know if the game is rigged or not.

    1. I agree that a life plan may well be planned in advance but I don't see it would be something so specific as being "seriously hurt in a car accident...say crippled, or have my house blown away in a cyclone."

      We, no doubt, have lessons to be learned but karma will also come into play - if we learn and pay attention, that 'accident' or 'being crippled' would not be necessary. We surely have free will while we wander through life. It's up to us how good a student we will be.

  2. If it were all as simple as the Hicks law of attraction, there wouldn't be any poverty or suffering in the world. I do think that the law of attraction works, though, but that life plans are infinitely more complex. Great post.

    1. I agree that the law of attraction is real - whether we realise it or not.

  3. Re:
    "We, no doubt, have lessons to be learned but karma will also come into play - if we learn and pay attention, that 'accident' or 'being crippled' would not be necessary."

    I'm not talking about karma here,that scenario may be something we needed to go through to learn from or to help others in their life through our sacrifice.
    Look at Christopher Reeve's life as an example.
    How big an impact on countless lives did his accident have? Too many ripples to count for me there.
    But as I say life's game plan is to complicated to understand from where we are looking.

    1. The life plan is complicated, as so many factors to take into consideration but ... I still don't see it as being set in stone with specific happenings pre-planned. There can be a general plan that this time we'll learn about, whatever, but how the details come about is determined by how we learn and act ... but there again, what the heck do any of us really know!!