Saturday, February 8

The Little Dog Looking Down From The Top Of St Austell Church Tower

Holy Trinity Church, St Austell, Cornwall

On day 4 or my taking a photo every day exercise, looking upwards I snapped my local church tower in St Austell, Cornwall.

Dog face on church tower
Why the top part? Because I have lived in the area for over 30 years but have never really looked properly at the top of the church tower. This is strange as, wherever I go in the world, I always go into the local church to soak up the atmosphere and to enjoy the architecture. There's something about places of worship that are very special.

There's a saying about how we sometimes don't see what's staring us in the face. This is how I feel about the church. I've walked past it thousands of times but haven't taken it all in properly - it's just something that's there - like the bakers, the pubs, the market house and so on.

I had noticed the clock and the four saints' statues but never the little dog looking down from the very top or the strange creatures at the corners of the tower and the funny looking faces also looking down on the people walking past..

Detail on church tower, St Austell Cornwall

Detail on st Austell Church Tower

What this has shown me is how easy it is to take things for granted and how it's good to look at things from a different perspective at times. Goodness knows what else there is all around me that I'm missing out on.

Holy Trinity Church, St.Austell, Cornwall
Holy Trinity Church, St.Austell, Cornwall
The Holy Trinity Church history in brief: "The Church in St Austell has a long history. A Christian community, possibly with Celtic roots was in existence in what is now St Austell in pre-Norman times. There has been a church building on the site of the town centre church - Holy Trinity - since 1169. Part of the current building dates back as far as 1290."

Photos © Mike Perry

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  1. looks a nice town mike. strange faces

  2. How intriguing! A dog. Why a dog? You live in a beautiful place, Mike!

    1. No idea why a dog. I've searched the Internet but nothing comes up. I'll have to see if anyone knows locally.

  3. anonymous16:42

    I love the pictures of the church and the dog is puzzling. I often dip into your blog and always find something of interest.

    1. Hello, thanks for leaving a comment. Good wishes.

  4. Anonymous02:32

    Just looking up St.Austell after finding our where my great grandfather Caleb Perry came from.