Thursday, March 13

Give And See What Men Give In Return To Your Bosom

Cornish daffodils

I've always believed that we get back what we give out, whether that be friendship, love, smiles, money or anything else - including the negative things as well such as hate, fear and so on. Give out good things and we get back good things; give out nastiness and hate and that's also what we get back. Simple!

I had a small example of this yesterday.

We were in our local town yesterday afternoon as we needed a couple of bits and pieces. Further along from the main centre I saw someone collecting for Marie Curie Cancer Care - it's always distinctive as their symbol is a bright yellow daffodil.

It's a charity that I like to support, but I wasn't sure if I could be bothered to walk in the opposite direction from where I wanted to go. Then I remembered the photo above (I took a similar one last year) I had taken of all of the daffodils I'd seen that morning, which had been planted by the charity. My gut feeling was that I therefore had to give some money.

So I turned round and gave all of the loose change I had in my pocket to the collector. I didn't have any paper money with me.

I went back along the road to catch up with Karin. We walked together for about 100 yards when Karin suddenly bent down and picked up a £5 banknote. There was no one nearby so my charity donation was returned to me.

I don't belong to any organised religion but I do believe what Jesus is quoted as saying about giving: "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and running over, shall men give to your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again."

So looks like, in this instance, men gave to Karin's bosom - erm, perhaps that doesn't sound quite right, but the money I gave was returned to us whether via her bosom or not.

P.S. The morning, after taking the daffodil photo I returned home at 11:11 and managed to take a photo of the time on our cooker clock. That probably doesn't have any relevance to giving!

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  1. I think you are pretty much right with what you say above Mike,as I seemed to be tested on this "give and you shall receive" in my post "We Need to Talk About Kevin".
    I wanted an Ice block at the end of my long walk at the Crystal Castle and I knew that if I left any money on the "good luck" statue and and didn't receive any immediate good luck that there would be no ice-block at the end of this walk I was on.
    I decided to trust the voice in my head and place a 50c piece on the statue knowing full well without a minor miracle there would be no ice-block at the end of the walk for me.
    But I thought so be it,if I'm not meant to have an ice-block it is in the lap of the gods.I resign myself to my stupidity,go and sit down in the shade knowing I needed to cool down,since I just blew my chance at buying an ice-block and then I find a $2 coin at my foot.So,I could now buy the ice-block with $1.50 toi spare.

    1. I remember your post and you finding the $2 gold coin:

  2. Suzie12:37

    I can remember you writing something like this before and its always stuck in my head. I also think you are right about getting back what we give out, not so sure about the bosom bit though :)

    1. Well remembered, last time Karin found £15! She's like a hawk when there's money to be found!

  3. Love stories like this one. And hey, maybe the 11:11 IS relevant! Daz's story has the same quality to it. I agree with you about what you give out, returns.

    1. Maybe the 11:11 is relevant as it was the same day.

  4. Funny Mike,I met one of my childhood heroes last Wednesday night in Brisbane,Andy Scott,the guitarist from the band "The Sweet".
    They were the first band who's record I saved up to buy as a young,not quite teenager.The Album was "Desolation Boulevard" and I played it to death,just about.
    Anyway Andy gave a plug for a cancer charity he helped start in his hometown in Wales.He had battled the disease himself.In September 2009,Andy was diagnosed with prostate cancer and following treatment is now in remission. He is the main organiser of the first charity Rock against Cancer concert in All Cannings Wiltshire,which he was plugging on stage Wednesday in Brisbane.
    It's funny that as soon as they started playing their songs I was transported back to memories of my youth I thought I had forgotten,much like you were in your fish & chip story.
    It is a weird experience indeed.

    1. It's strange the memories that can rise to the surface from goodness knows where. They are all locked away somewhere waiting to be unlocked. I don't think we completely forget anything.

      Hope your childhood hero lived up to expectation.