Friday, April 25

Coincidence Examples Of How Love Connects

Boy and dog hug

I read on the Epoch Times website that Dr. Bernard Beitman is developing an interdisciplinary study of coincidences.

Not too sure what that exactly means but he gave an example of a personal coincidence he experienced when he was just eight years old.

His big buddy at the time was his dog Snapper and one day Snapper disappeared. Obviously the young Bernard was very upset. His mother suggested that he rode his bike to the local Police Station to see if they, or anyone else, had reported seeing his dog. Unfortunately they hadn't.

By now the young Dr Beitman was very distraught and started to cry. He got on his bike and and because he was so upset took a wrong turn. He carried on along the road and saw a dog ahead that looked just like Snapper and, of course, it was.

Snapper saw him and ran towards him as though he was expecting to meet him there.

Dr Beitman said about this, "I'm almost sure Snapper said to me, 'Where have you been?' The dog seemed to be expecting me."

He went on to call this a 'weird coincidence' and added, "When you get lost, coincidences are more likely to happen. Coincidences are out of the ordinary, and they often occur when a person is doing something out of the ordinary."

What seems a wrong turn often turns out to be the right place or, as Dr Beitman states in the case of Snapper, "Love connects."

Dr Beitman gives another example of one of his own coincidences.

His father was on his deathbed, thousands of miles away and Dr. Beitman started choking, apparently without cause. He later found out that at approximately the same time, his father was choking. He experienced what he understands to be simulpathity.

He explains it thus: "Our thoughts and feelings have much more influence on each other than we think," As for 'simulpathity', he describes this as:  "A specific subclass of synchronicity - the simultaneous experience by one person of another person’s distress at a distance."

So that's my new word for today!

Dr. Beitman is a visiting professor at the University of Virginia and former chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He attended Yale Medical School and completed his psychiatric residency at Stanford.

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  1. And he just completed his book and is looking for a publisher!

  2. I guess you could consider the fact that I met and married my husband a coincidence. I had just finished college with an imstrumental music degree and didn't know what to do with myself. I wasn't interested in teaching and had just ended a bad love affair, so I was feeling very lost and sad. I moved back home and decided to join the National Guard (not regular military but used for training and national emergencies, and the first troops to go in during war time) to at least use my degree. When I reported for my physical my blood was drawn by a large young man who commented on my last name and asked if I was related to someone he worked with who had the last name. I had to laugh because it was my brother (we have a very distinctive last name) and we got to talking. Two weeks later he looked me up and asked for a date, five months later we got married, and it's been 35 years now. He did say, knowing my brother he had to think before he asked me out, but was pleasantly surprised!

    1. That's a good example mamafrog, it's interesting how our lives develop with sometimes a little help from - the universe?

  3. Anonymous22:42

    I wouldn't put love in my story as yet but I've what I'd consider odd in terms of chance meetings with a woman in my building. We met in my building elevator two weeks ago and had a conversation for the first time. I realised I'd last seen her in the building two years ago and, at that time, assumed she was a visitor to the building. As it turns out, she's been living only several doors away from me. That was the Monday in the elevator and by Friday, I came across her in a company I've visited regularly for several years. She also works there but I never knew. Our working hours are substantially different so the chances of meeting are quite rare; hence not having seen her for two years. However, in the last two weeks, we've had chance meetings (it can't be determined when either of us is leaving the building) every several few days. This morning, for example, she popped into my head in terms of 'I wonder what time she actually does leave for work' and there she was as I turned around. I told the story to a friend and this prompted him to joke if I was stalking her!

    1. Thank you for your story. Perhaps there is a meaning to your meetings - it's said that we meet people for a reason. Good luck.

    2. Anonymous17:19

      Thank you. As a footnote, we accidentally met twice more since posting!