Monday, August 22

JK Rowling And Harry Potter Birthday Coincidence

JK Rowling birthday coincidenceJK Rowling, the Harry Potter creator, has recently been tracing her ancestry and in particular on her maternal side.

Her mother died just prior to Jo starting to write the first Harry Potter book, so she never knew of the phenomenon that was to follow.

Jo discovered that her maternal grandfather was of French origin and became almost obsessed with discovering more about her great-grandfather Louis Volant, with whom she felt a definite bond. After a lot of effort his details were uncovered and his grave found, though this was disappointing as he was buried in a communal plot.

She discovered, however, a surprising coincidence in a room in the Paris records office - which looked to be the double of Hogwart's library. Her great-grandfather was born on the same day as Harry Potter: the 31st of July.

JK Rowling was also born on the 31st of July - thus the reason for Harry's birth date. She in 1965 and Harry in 1980.

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  1. So, Mike, what is it about the billionaire JK that interests you :) Strange coincidence about her gt-grandfather's bithday. Always interesting snippits on your blog, reading this in my coffee break.

  2. Anonymous15:03

    That's interesting post about the birthdays being the same. Long live Harry Potter.

  3. Long live JK Rowling. This woman is a fantastic example of someone whose fame and talent didn't inflate her ego. She created one of the most memorable characters and world in literature and became the first billionnaire author!

    Love the synchro, too.

  4. Sprmcandy20:33

    Beautiful lady.

  5. That's funny; my grandfather's birthday is July 31, 1904. Right now I'm contemplating probabilities of that happening. :}

  6. Anonymous05:16

    The same thing happened to me. I did some research on Mary Garden, a woman to whom I am related by blood, and it turns out that we have the same birthday, February 20th. I love singing operetta, and it turns out that she was a famous opera singer. :)

  7. Anonymous00:08

    Iwas born on the day George Washington died... many years ago, of course!

  8. I had a similar experience. I wrote a time-travel story called "The Crystal of Aromythia" The main character's named is William. At a certain point in the story I had to come up with a last name. "Allen" popped into my head. At the time I began to look into going to a Quaker Meeting. I found one on Cape Cod that I resonated with. It was quite a drive but felt drawn to it. I latter found out that my ancestors started that Quaker Meeting in the 1650s, the first in all of North America. One of the pivotal ancestor's name was William Allen.

  9. Anonymous07:09

    My family has may shared birthdays and death dates, throughout the 4-6 generations I have researched on both sides. 365 days a year and the same dates keep coming up again and again.