Tuesday, April 29

The Secret Path Leading To Inspiration And The Realisation Of Immortality

Silence Meditation

Nowadays for information or inspiration we tend to spend time on the Internet. I wonder why though, when real inspiration comes from within - and has done so for centuries. All of the real, important answers are there waiting to be heard if we bother to stay silent and listen.

Leonardo da Vinci

When Leonardo da Vinci wanted creative ideas he would look into a heap of ashes and the concentration would succeed in  developing a reverie where the ideas he needed would be born.

Mozart said, "When I am, as it were, completely myself, entirely alone, and of good cheer: it is on such occasions that my ideas flow best and most abundantly, whence they and how they come I know not, nor can I force them."

Lord Tennyson

It was the same with the English poet Lord Tennyson, who wrote to a friend:

"A kind of waking trance I have frequently had quite from boyhood, when I have been all alone. Out of the intensity of the consciousness of the individuality, the individuality itself seemed to dissolve and fade away into boundless being; and this is not a confused state, but the clearest of the clear, the surest of the surest; utterly beyond words; where death was an almost laughable impossibility, the loss of personality (if so it were) seeming no extinction but the only true life."

I guess we could say that Silence is God.

Dr.Paul Brunton wrote: "The greatest truths sometimes come unheralded into the mind. We only know that yesterday we could not accept them, but today we hold them gladly. So it is with man when the first rays from the sun of immortality begin to fall upon him."

Going back to Lord Tennyson he expressed things thus:

If thou would'st hear the Nameless, and wilt dive
Into the Temple-cave of thine own self,
There, brooding by the central altar, thou
May'st haply learn the Nameless hath a voice,
By which thou wilt abide, if thou be wise.

The secret path is hidden inside us, waiting to be followed.

Shhhh ...  listen ...

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  1. Terrific post! Tennyson really nailed it. It sounds like DaVinci did what Nostradamus did, only Nostradamus gazed into fire or water, one of them.

    1. They are probably aids to switching off - and listening or becoming aware.

  2. Whitley Streiber posted an article recently on daydreaming. Seems as though daydreaming can be a form of enlightenment - where real creativity can be found. The article was posted march 21,2014 in unknowncountry.com in news section. Worth a read!!!