Monday, April 28

Discovering Old Cornwall - 3 - Lerryn

Lerryn Cornwall late 1890s
Lerryn Cornwall late 1890s
This is the third post where I take an old Cornish photo and try to take an up to date photo to compare how Cornwall has altered. In this case not much has changed.

The photo above was taken in the late 1890s of Lerryn bridge, Cornwall and it looks very much the same - though the children have no doubt now moved on.

Lerryn Cornwall 2014
Lerryn Cornwall today
Lerryn is a beautiful spot by the river. I published photos of a walk, which starts in Lerryn, In Search Of Celtic Crosses At St.Winnow In Cornwall.

In the 1500 and 1600s smuggling was a way of life in the village and one of the village lanes is called Brandy Lane after the favourite smugglers tipple. In nearby Ethy woods there is said to be the entrance to a tunnel which leads to Ethy House, where the contraband was stashed and hidden from the Excise Men.

There's always a story in Cornwall!

Lerryn Cornwall
Lerryn Cornwall in Colour
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  1. Please do this Cornwall book. Please do it, please, please, obnoxious, I know, but hey!

    1. Time will tell! But many thanks.

  2. I agree with Trish Mike.
    A book of old photos and new ones to compare how Cornwall has altered would make a great book.
    You could have the old photo on the left and and the current photo on the right page.
    You could call it something like "Cornwall: Yesterday and Today".

  3. Good idea, Daz. The photos make a great hook/theme.

  4. Add all the legends and points of interest!
    This is what thrilled me with these new tablets, the potential of full color "coffee table" books in my pocket. :D

    1. The stories and legends go together with the photos for sure.