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Stepping Back In Time In The Silent City Of Mdina

Outside of Mdina, Malta

Mdina, once the capital of Malta, has a magical almost fairytale quality. As you approach all you can see are the sturdy city walls and the spires of the Cathedral. Entrance is via a bridge, looking down on what was once the wide moat, and ...

Entrance to Mdina, Malta

... through the main gateway.

Once inside you soon realise that this walled city of Mdina, or the Silent City as it is known, is a bit special with it's narrow streets and medieval architecture. It's history stretches back to 4000 BC, though the majority of the present buildings are from the Arab period - of around 870 AD.

Inside Mdina Malta

Once inside the walls it's easy to imagine you have stepped back in time until, that is ...

Mdina narrow streets

... you meet up with a gaggle of other tourists. Mdina is virtually car free as only it's three hundred residents may drive within the walled area - with an exception for undertakers and wedding and emergency vehicles.

Mdina Malta

Horse and carriage is one way to take in the atmosphere and but it's also good to simply walk and ...

Horse and cart in Mdina Malta

... get lost in the narrow streets.

Narrow alleyways of Mdina Malta

On the opposite side of Mdina - to the entrance - is a good place to look over the city walls. It's easy to see why the town was built in this position, as it's situated on one of Malta's highest points, slap bang in the middle of the island. The Mediterranean can be seen in the distance.

View from Mdina city walls to the sea

It is believed to have first been fortified by the Phoenicians somewhere around 700 BC.

Artist in Mdina Malta

We came across several artists sketching or painting while lost in another world.

St Dorothy's Convent Mdina Malta

The photo above shows St.Dorothy's Convent and below the narrow streets and passageways give way to a large square where the Cathedral of the Conversion of St Paul sits in all it's glory.

The building suffered extensive damage through an earthquake in 1693 and was rebuilt by Lorenzo Gafà between 1697 and 1702.

St Paul's Cathedral, Mdina, Malta

The floor of the Cathedral is paved and decorated with marble tombstones which display the coat of arms of the bishops of Mdina and other such dignitaries.

The city is also known for it's Mdina Glass. It's lovely quality, but rather pricey.

Mdina Glass

If you fancy a step back in time, your carriage awaits ...

Horse carriage ride Mdina Malta

Photos: © Mike Perry

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  1. Wow, this city looks intriguing. Those narrow streets and the architecture are stunning.

    1. I can't remember ever seeing such an ancient complete city confined behind a wall

  2. like all these malta posts. not somwhere i expected to see so much of interest

    1. Lots of history in Malta has been controlled by so many influences