Thursday, July 17

1914 Adverts At The Start Of World War I

Newspaper headlines, start of world wasr 1

1914 saw the start of World War 1. Britain declared war on Germany on August 4th. But I wondered what was being advertised in the newspapers and magazines at that time. Here are a few 1914 adverts - the first was an obvious one: Join the army, but the rest were a mixed bag. I guess no one back then had any idea as to how the war would change the world.

1914 Join the Army advert

"Though there's a possible war we still have our luxuries like custard to comfort us ...

1914 advert for custard

... even if we might have to use margarine rather than butter ...

1914 advert for margarine

... and paste isn't so bad on sandwiches.

1914 advert for meat paste

The good old French will no doubt help out and we'll drink Eiffel Tower lemonade to show our appreciation.

1914 advert for lemonade

And a cup of tea always puts the world right, doesn't it?

1914 advert for Lipton's tea

If we need a pill we can rely on Beecham's.

1914 advert for Beecham's Piulls

The children will still be able to shine their shoes and there will be ...

1914 advert for Cherry Blossom shoe polish

... pretty blouses for the ladies ...

1914 advert for women's clothes

... even silk ones.

The men? Well they can have some comfy pyjamas for any chilly nights and ...

1914 advert for pyjamas

... we'll all be able to keep our hair shiny ...

1914 advert for Macassar Oil

... and light our cigarettes. So it won't be so bad ...

... it's not like millions of people will be killed or anything."

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  1. Suzie09:19

    Do you think the picture in the Eiffel Tower lemonade advert looks like Mick Jagger!?

  2. I'm not sure 'practical' was the way to describe those summer shirts and blouses. Imagine ironing those on a hot summers day!

  3. These ads are fascinating!

  4. Anonymous20:01

    didn't know margarine had been invented back then! Did you see the potted meat/fish paste had a very modern "no preservatives or artificial colouring guarantee"! our ancestors were much further advanced than we ever gave them credit for!!