Friday, July 4

A Realisation From Tea And Coffee Cups About Life

A cup of tea with Mike Perry

I was playing about with my camera in my home office and took the photo above showing my tea mug on the windowsill - along with some stones I've collected for various reasons.

Then I got to thinking about other cups of tea or coffee I have snapped, and found a few more. Like this one of two tea cups, with a milk jug, in Ibiza ...

Tea in Ibiza

... and, dare I admit it, two coffee cups in a McDonald's overlooking the sea. I, of course, only went in for the view!

Coffee at McDonald's

The coffee cup below was taken from a harbour side restaurant in Malta.

Coffee in Malta

And this one outside a church.

Coffee outside a church

But then I came across the next photo, again taken in my office, but back in 2006. And then I realised the similarities with the top photo. Both of my tea mugs are for England (with the red St.George's Cross) during World Cups (soccer). The top one for this year, 2014, being held in Brazil and the one below for 2006, which was held in Germany.

Then I thought how predictable I must be! Every FIFA World Cup I get enthused about England's chances, only for the players to let me down, even though some are earning over £200,000 ($280,000) a week. And Karin buys me an England mug for when I'm glued to the matches on TV!

The England team have been a disaster this year, but I've enjoyed many of the other World Cup matches. It was good to see the USA playing well. No doubt a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Tea in Mike Perry's office

But, I guess, my predictability does come with a dose of optimism - ever the optimist. There's eight years between the two photos and that does strike home how quickly time goes by.

As, is often said: 'If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got.'

Maybe it's time for change.

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  1. It was 20 years ago today (5th July) that I was watching the World Cup on the TV in my wife's hospital room waiting for my young son Sean to be born.So I know what you mean Mike when you wonder where all those years between Wold Cups have gone to.

    1. Cups and the Cup of Life.
      Think of all the cups around the world at this present moment and the little rituals of making and having a cup of tea,or coffee that are happening right now.
      It's almost a spiritual act when you think about it.

    2. Life moves on, sometimes too quickly. The Japanese have their tea ceremonies and yes, making tea is almost spiritual - it's why we always use a teapot and not a bag in a cup method!

  2. im disappointed in Englands efforts in the world cup as well. time does go too quickly. some nice photos mike

    1. I felt let down by the English team, we have to make some changes in English football generally.

  3. Cool photos! I I like Daz's take on it, as an almost spiritual act, but I know what you mean about doing the same thing!

    1. We probably all have to change and adjust at times.