Sunday, July 6

With Whom Do You Consort During The Hours Of Sleep

Sleeping and dreaming

A 'lesson' today for us from a Dr Lascelles who was said to have been channelled by a medium. It's about sleep and the prevention of mixing with the wrong company while snoozing. This was given to me, along with various books and documents, by my friend's wife following his death. It's only a short piece, see what you think.

"And another lesson - what about sleep?

While sleeping your organs continue to function, but the actual you, is floating above your physical body actively conscious of its surroundings on a higher plane. When you awaken, more often than not you have no memory of your adventures, experiences and lessons in the higher planes. You just do not remember.

Much of the time which you spend in a state of sleep is as important, and often more important, than the time when you are 'awake' and for this reason the approach to sleep must be a mental preparation whereby the last impressions are more important than any during your fully waking hours.

It is said that a man is known by his friends, but you would be short-sighted to imagine that your acquaintances exist only in this hard world of daily consciousness. There are others with whom you consort during the silent hours of sleep, for you are awake during the that time on other planes.

Make sure, by preparatory calmness of mind and discrimination of thought, that you consort with good company when asleep."

The lesson, I suppose, tells us that, even when asleep, we attract what we have thought about or imaged during the day.

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  1. Great advice! I have met people in dreams that I don't know in waking life.