Thursday, July 24

A Visit To Byron Bay And Eating Coleslaw Coincidences

Byron Bay, Australia

On Monday the 14th July I was feeling a bit lazy in the evening so I had a look to see what was on television. I saw that there was a documentary where the English comedian, John Bishop, was cycling in Australia recreating a journey he had done when a much younger man.

Byron Bay lighthouse, Australia

It sounded interesting and I said to Karin, "I wonder if he'll go through Byron Bay which Darren likes so much?"

Karin was immediately confused as our son is called Darren, "Darren likes it?" she questioned.

"No, not our Darren. I mean Darren my blogger friend in Australia."

"Oh, right."

Byron Bay coastline, Australia

I turned on the television. The programme had started and John Bishop was just arriving in - yes - Byron Bay!

"Well, I never," I said, or words to that effect.

Surfing in Byron Bay, Australia

My camera was on the coffee table so I picked it up and snapped a few pics from the television. They are none too special in quality - but may give an idea as to why Aussie Darren is attracted to the area. A man of good taste!

John Bishop also went to Brisbane, where Darren lives. That's a windswept Bishop below, in his cycling gear, with Brisbane in the background.

Strange how I got to see this television programme and at the exact right moment, it certainly wasn't planned - at least by me!

I also had another sort of similar thing happen last week connected with the Internet.

I was using the computer and Karin called up to me, "Do you fancy coleslaw with your meal tonight?"

"Yes please," I answered while clicking to go to Thex Dar's Google + page, which I often visit, His top entry was titled Thex Cole Slaw and was a recipe for coleslaw! I left him a comment saying: "Strange - my wife asked me a few minutes ago if I fancied some coleslaw with my meal tonight. I said yes!"

There seems to be a lot of potential for synchronicity through the Internet and the media at large.

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  1. I'll have to try and catch that John Bishop show Mike.
    That hill in Brisbane John is standing on is Mt.Coot-tha and would kill me to ride a bike to the top of it.
    Also that picture of the Byron Bay Lighthouse holds many fond memories for me and is just about my favourite spot on the planet.
    My last fond memory of course was throwing my wedding ring from the pictured viewing platform and into the sea,where I think it would still be,tumbling in the sand and waves among the rocks.

    I'll be down there the whole weekend in the first week of August for the Byron Bay Writer's Festival,staying in a beach front motel and hearing those waves crashing on the beach for two nights straight.
    Heaven :-)

    1. I didn't know if you would have ever heard of John Bishop over there. I remember well your posts featuring the lighthouse and, of course, your trips to various Byron Bay festivals.

      Have a great time at the Writer's Festival - no doubt you'll return with signed books and a few synchros!

  2. Suzie14:37

    I saw that show as well, I think there has been three in total. Australia is somewhere I would like to visit one day.

    1. Yes, I'd like to visit Australia too - it's so varied. One day ...

  3. I would love to see that show. Australia is on my bucket list, for sure.

    Good one about the cole slaw!

    1. It's on my list as well, and Australia will become a country of influence in the future.

      I see in the US you spell coleslaw as two words!