Tuesday, July 22

Fate Smiles As Cyclist Cheats Death Twice

Maarten de Jonge
Photo: Maarten de Jong / Twitter
I have written before about how it appears that some people are meant to survive, no matter what. Maybe they have some unfinished business here on earth. This struck home again with the case of Maarten de Jonge and Malaysian Flights MH17 and MH370. With both flights all of the passengers were killed or presumed dead.

Mr de Jong was due to travel on both of these flights but for some reason changed his plans both times.

Maarten is a cyclist with Malaysia's Terenggany cycling team. He actually cancelled his seat on MH17 to save money by transferring to a cheaper flight. He also escaped death on the MH370 because he decided to again exchange his ticket, this time for an earlier flight.

He said of his good fortune, "How happy I am for myself and my family. Though my story is nothing, attention should be paid to the victims."

There was another similar case too. Gert Jansen and his family were turned away from boarding MH17 at Schiphol Airport because it was over booked. He said, "All those faces of people with whom we stood in line, are etched in my memory."

It does make you wonder about fate and the things we may have committed to do in this life.

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  1. It's a stunning story. It will be interesting to see what he does going forward...

  2. I guess we'll probably never know.