Monday, July 21

The Butterfly As A Sign From The Deceased

I've written previously about how a butterfly is sometimes said to be a sign from someone who has recently died. This is something with which the English actress Lysette Anthony agrees. When her mother, the former actress and producer Bernadette Bennett, died, "Extraordinary things started to happen." Here's Lysette's experience.

"I saw my first ghost at the Windsor Theatre and I discovered he was a well known ghost there.

I know this sounds bonkers, but in the play I had this speech right at the end. It was a sad speech and that is when I would pour out my grief, crying real tears on stage.

One evening there was this massive butterfly and one of the other actors commented on it being an 'old soul'. The butterfly was having a lovely time fluttering around the set. When I came to do my final scene it landed on my white hat and it stayed there until the end of the play.

I like to think that was my mother taking her last bow."

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  1. Suzie14:36

    Interesting, I remember you writing about the butterfly on your friend's coffin as he was taken into church. It has stuck in my memory.

  2. Extraordinary! These butterfly stories are so intriguing for what they suggest about the nature of reality.