Tuesday, July 29

God Doesn't Take Sides

The Compassionate Buddha
Photo: Mike Perry
It puzzles me at times as to why people pray to their God to help them overcome another person or community. I remember watching soccer players in the World Cup, for example, praying to win a match. And, of course, in any war conflict we tend to pray to win the battle.

Surely though, thinking like this is wrong. Why would any God favour any one person over another or any particular country over another? He wouldn't, No more than that, He couldn't.

I read the following from the Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha. It's part of something called The Rain Cloud.

Upon all I ever look
Everywhere impartially,
Without distinction of persons,
Or mind of love or hate.
I have no predilections
Nor any limitations;
Ever to all beings
I preach the Law equally;
As I preach to one person,
I preach to all.
Ever I proclaim the Law,
Engaged in naught else;
Going, coming, sitting, standing,
Never am I weary of
Pouring it copiously on the world,
Like the all-enriching rain.
On honoured and humble, high and low,
Law-keepers, and law-breakers,
Those of perfect character,
And those of imperfect,
Orthodox and heterodox,
Quick-witted and dull-witted,
Equally I rain the Law-rain

That seems about right: everyone is equal no matter what. God doesn't take sides.

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  1. I like that, I really do.

  2. Suzie12:36

    I like that as well. We often need a reminder that we are all equal.

  3. Perfect words and sentiment!

  4. Couldn't agree more with your post Mike and I was only reading this old post


    last night about our mutual Buddha fetish,as I'm contemplating buying another Buddha statue for my pool area,as my local supermarket has them on special for a week starting today.