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A Cornish Journey Back To 1644 At Restormel Castle

Restormel Castle, Cornwall

The scene was set in the English Civil War of 1644. King Charles marched west in pursuit of the Parliamentarian army of the Earl of Essex, who was invading the Royalist stronghold of Cornwall. On the 21st of August, the Royalists attacked Essex's positions north of Lostwithiel, capturing Restormel Castle.

Approaching Restromel Castle, Cornwall

As I've said before, that's the thing about Cornwall it's full of history. We made a visit to Restormel Castle, near Lostwithiel, last week and these are a few of the photos I snapped.

Inside Restormel Castle Cornwall

English Heritage describe the castle: "The great 13th-century circular shell-keep of Restormel still encloses the principal rooms of the castle in remarkably good condition. It stands on an earlier Norman mound surrounded by a deep dry ditch, atop a high spur beside the River Fowey. Twice visited by the Black Prince, it finally saw action during the Civil War in 1644. It commands fantastic views and is a favourite picnic spot."

Ruins of Restormel Castle Cornwall

The original castle though goes back much further. Restormel Castle was believed to have been built - in the middle of a large deer park - after the Norman conquest of England in about 1100 by Baldwin Fitz Turstin, the local sheriff.

View from Restormel Castle battlements

There's no longer a deer park, but from the high castle battlements it's easy to see why this spot was chosen. The views still stretch for miles.

With the photo above I zoomed in with my camera and could see the farmer getting in his hay.

Tractor getting in the hay, Cornwall

Most of the castle is now probably classed as a ruin but it's still worth a visit. There aren't many perfectly round castles about and it's still possible to make out the rooms that were once securely within the walls.

Inside Restormel Castle near Lostwithiel

After spending quite a while inside climbing and looking we left by the double archways. The second was probably once a portcullis.

Entrance to Restormel Castle

From the outside it's easier to see how the castle was built on a mound with the moat below.

Castle moat at at Restormel Castle Cornwall

We had our lunch with us so sat overlooking the view towards Lostwithiel. A perfect day ...

View from Restormel Castle Grounds

... though it's easy to drop off into another time zone or dimension if so inclined ...

Restormel Castle different time zone

... but most people tend to return to present day reality eventually.

Castle from the air

It's strange because the day we visited the castle we were on our own, so could enjoy the atmosphere and the peaceful surroundings.

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  1. nice post mike. dont know about that castle before. i might visit cornwall this year.

    1. Hope you can make it to Cornwall.

  2. What a beautiful place...

  3. Suzie14:38

    Keep saying this but I always like your Cornish posts, they are special and the photos as well.

    1. Thank you Suzie. It's Cornwall not me that makes a good post.

  4. Wow, what a fantastic place! A round castle...
    I think your Cornwall posts and photos are easily a book!

    1. Mmmm! The book! You never know ...