Friday, September 19

Cleanse The Mind By Looking At The Flowers

There is a lot of bad stuff going on in the world today, from beheadings and unrest to bombs and bullets.

Sometimes it's good to step back from all of this and cleanse our minds with beauty and positivity. I personally do this by walking along the cliffs near to where I live or by looking at, and enjoying flowers.

The photos on this post were snapped throughout the year in our garden. I'm no photographer but they do illustrate some of the wonderful things there are in the world. Occasionally we have to remind ourselves of this and take time to look at the flowers.

Poppies including Mrs.Perry
10 flower photos on 67 Not Out
Red rose
Pink dahlia
Yellow gladiolus
Michaelmus Daisies
River FalFootnote: The following day, after setting up this post, my wife and I went for a longish walk along the River Fal. We had lunch with us so stopped to sit on a wooden bench seat.

The seat was there as a memorial and had a small plaque which read. "In memory of Arthur Toby [my dad's name was Arthur and our favourite dog was Toby] a man who always said we should take time to smell the flowers." He must have been a wise man and it was a pleasure to have shared our lunch with Arthur Toby while overlooking the river on a sunshine day.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! That one large pink cluster reminds me of a peacock!