Tuesday, September 16

Seven Days Of Photos

Spider and web

Apologies for today's post being off subject, but wasn't sure what to write - a mental block or something. So it's seven photos instead.

A while back I mentioned how I try to take a photo every day - nothing great, just a snap of something for that particular day. These are the previous seven photos.

Day 1: Spiders! They are everywhere at the moment, The one above was in my front garden, but it's the time of the year for them and we've had several inside the house as well - last night there was even one on my pillow!

Day 2: Tall Ships. The tall ships were in Charlestown harbour and these two were high up in the masts doing some repair work.

Tall ships, Charlestown, Cornwall

Day 3: Television Problems. Our television pictures disappeared so the aerial needed repair. But isn't it funny how things come in threes? My Internet connection also started playing up and we had a warning light appear on our car dashboard, so three electrical type problems all at once. But now resolved.

Sky satellite dish

Day 4: Dentist. Karin had to go to the dentist for a routine check up and this is the view as you leave the surgery - with the Truro Cathedral spires in the background.

Spire of Truro Cathedral

Day 5. Lemon Street Market. We had a look round and a coffee.

Lemon Street Market, Truro

Day 6: Rain Clouds. Can't remember seeing rain clouds appear like this before. Suddenly dark clouds to the left and sunshine to the right. Fortunately the clouds rolled on by and we didn't get wet,

Rain Clouds

Day 7: Grandson. No week is complete without Sammy (and granddaughter Lucy) being in the picture. Sammy's trying to work some sort of magic on me!

Grandson Sammy

Hopefully will be back on track tomorrow!

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  1. Mike, I like your idea of a picture each day, but how could you possibly manage to take only one of the tall ships?! Or grandkids? And that's a dandy spider! And if you're ever stuck for a topic, photos around Cornwall would be delightful.

    1. I did take other photos of the tall ships and the grandchildren but kept it to one photo for each day.