Wednesday, September 17

Subliminal Messages To Get What You Want

Subliminal book

A not too serious post today!

In my younger years I was interested more in possessions and money than I am today. So I tried many of those 'visualisation' and 'power of the mind' techniques. Some were quite cranky, when I now look back, but the funny thing is some of them did seem to work.

I don't know why, but the following method, based on subliminal images, came to mind as I was walking yesterday.

As you'll no doubt know the first use of subliminal images was supposedly in American cinemas. A message, such as 'I must buy an ice-cream', was flashed on the screen during a movie. The result was that ice-cream sales rocketed in the interval. This sort of thing is mostly now illegal (unless it's done by the state!).

I digress, what I remembered, was a simple (silly?) method to influence our own minds to do something or attract something / someone. The message? Anything from 'I will attract a new car' to 'I will lose weight' - absolutely anything.

But how to get the message across to the unconscious in a simple way is normally difficult bit. This method though was easy.

Remember how movie cartoons used to be made? The figure would be drawn and then in each following frame the figure would be slightly altered. When all of the frames were run quickly in succession it looked like the figure was moving.

So the idea is to take a paperback book and print your message or symbols on the top right hand corner of the pages - one word only per page, perhaps leaving a couple of blank pages between the words. Then all you have to do is flick through the pages. You won't necessarily 'see' the message but your unconscious supposedly will.

It's then a case of having a flick through the pages several times a day - not trying to read anything - but just look as the pages flick past your vision. The theory is that the message / symbols will have an effect and you'll attract that amount of money, new car or will lose weight or whatever.

Okay, maybe silly - but is it? Could it be developed to be included in a video, for example, so you almost brainwash yourself into becoming more confident or lucky or ... your choice.

As I said, I remembered this from many years ago - and what I wanted came about. I was very young at the time and it had something to do with a girl. But enough said!

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  1. That's a clever way of doing it. What I do is simply dream, as in day-dream, about what I want (okay, no material things), and so you become what you think, it does bring good results...

    1. I agree 'day dreaming' does the trick. I also do a more formal visualisation, which seems to work.

  2. I'll try this technique and report back!

    1. Good luck with your page flicking!