Wednesday, October 8

Telepathy And Precognition Stimulated In Tenerife

Part of the hotel pool areas
Sometimes, such as when you are on a holiday, it appears that the mind has a chance to tick over properly - and this can bring about some surprising results. The following small examples, from my Tenerife trip, are hardly world shattering but illustrate what I mean.

A really simple one first. We had been out for most of the day and went back to out hotel room. I decided I wanted to go for a swim in one of the pools. Karin didn't fancy this and said she'd prefer to have a shower and then read her book on the balcony. I set off down to the pool on my own.

I was walking through the hotel gardens and crossed one of the swimming pools via a bridge. At that moment I had a feeling I should turn round. I did so, glanced up, and saw Karin waving from the balcony on the eighth floor.

So who sent to the message to whom?

Sunset over Gomera, Canary Islands
Sunset Tenerife looking towards Gomera Island 
A second illustration was again in our hotel. There was a large outside area adjoining one of the bars that overlooked the sea and also Gomera island. It was evening and the sun was setting.

Karin asked if I was going to try and take photos of the sunset. As I was about to answer a young woman passed by us wearing a very short skirt. Now I know it's not PC, or a proper thing to say nowadays, but I remarked to Karin that I would prefer to take a photo of the young woman. She just laughed and replied, "As if you'd be so lucky!"

We went inside bar to get a couple of glasses of wine and then I left Karin sitting at one of the tables while I attempted to take a photo of the sunset and Gomera.

I was clicking away, minding my own business, when a voice said in broken English, "Would you take a photo of me please." Yes, it was the very same young woman in the short skirt! My wish had come true. She handed me her phone and I snapped a couple of photos of her. Then she said, "And one with my boyfriend please," who was now walking towards us. Again I willingly obliged.

When I got back to Karin she laughed and said, "You got to take her photo then!"

So why was my throw-away comment about taking her photo answered?

Tenerife hotel reception
Part of hotel reception area
Now the third example. It was late and we were going up to our hotel room. The red wine must have had an effect because I joked to Karin that she couldn't come into my room as the key card wasn't working. She told me to stop messing about and just open the door. I put the card into the slot but the card wouldn't work - the door wouldn't open!

Karin tried - to prove to herself that I wasn't 'messing about' - and sure enough the key card wasn't working. I had to take the lift down to reception to get the card sorted. Somehow when they programmed the card they had entered the wrong expiry date.

So how did I 'know' the card wouldn't work when it always had before?

I think we have certain 'powers' like, say, telepathy or precognition, but we have forgotten how to use them. Perhaps something like a holiday, or a change of scenery increases our senses, once we are away from the everyday routine. The 'faculty X', which Colin Wilson wrote about, is within us all but gets atrophied by our way of life. But think of the possibilities if we were willing to develop these abilities. It would change our lives.

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  1. Great examples and not so "small!" It sounds like you were in the flow from sunrise to sunrise. And travel, getting out of your normal routine, does seem to free up this talent.

  2. Suzie15:36

    The hotel looks good. Funny experiences, especially about taking the woman's photo. You have more power than you think!!

    1. The hotel was great - and we've all probably got more power than we think!

  3. Ahhh, the relaxed mind picks up on so many more things.... I think.