Wednesday, October 15

The Coincidence Of Meeting 9000 Miles From Home

Trafalgar Square London
Trafalgar Square, London
A coincidence story from a reader, Jenny Mildren.

I have been intrigued by some of the coincidence stories on your blog. Here is my offering.

In 2012 I was visiting London, around 9000 miles from my home in Australia. I was doing the tourist sites and was in Trafalgar Square. It was a lovely sunny day so the square was packed with visitors. I then heard a voice calling my name. I turned round and it was a friend from Australia whom I hadn't seen for several months. Neither of us knew that the other was visiting England.

If my friend hadn't have called out my name I would, of course, never have noticed her. We agreed a date when to next meet up back in Australia as she was travelling on to Paris the next day.

It is a small world.

~ Jenny Mildren

Once you start looking at coincidence and synchronicty stories there are many where this sort of thing happens - two people meet up out of the blue a long way from home.

A while back Karin and I also went to London, it's about 300 miles from where we live. We were walking around Hampton Court Palace when, who should we bump into, but a neighbour we hadn't seen or spoken to for about six or seven weeks.

You have to wonder why these unexpected meetings occur. Is there a reason behind the meeting, though it may not always be obvious? Perhaps we have some sort of information or message for the person or persons we meet or vice versa. Or maybe it will alter the relationship in some way between those meeting up. It's interesting to think about when such things occur.

Life is not necessarily as straightforward as it seems.

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  1. I was reading an old blog post of mine called "City Synchronicity" where to English girls met in similar circumstances in Australia.
    Julia was so impressed that she wrote a song about it,hence the blog post's titled after her song.

    1. That should read,"two English girls" above.
      Oops !

    2. I remember that post now that I've had another look. Noce title that: City Synchronicity.