Tuesday, October 14

The Discovery Of The Centre Of The Universe

Centre of the universe

"Ah, but you are the centre of my universe," she whispered - or maybe it was all in my imagination.

Confusingly, I also read that the USA town of Wallace is the centre of the universe:

"On September 25, 2004, Mayor Ron Garitone proclaimed Wallace to be the centre of the Universe. Specifically, a sewer access cover was declared to be the precise location of the center of the Universe. A specially made manhole cover was made to mark the spot. It bears the words "Center of the Universe. Wallace, Idaho." This prompted British comedian and writer Danny Wallace to visit Wallace. He wrote about his visit in the book Danny Wallace and the Centre of the Universe, published in 2006. The event is celebrated on the third Saturday of September." Source: Wikipedia.

But the good news is that in reality we are all the centre of the universe, wherever we happen to live or be visiting. Though, I must admit it makes my head a bit befuddled thinking about it.

The Big Bang that supposedly created our universe - and not to be confused with any other actions of a similar name - didn't start from a single point as we would normally expect. The theory is that it had to happen everywhere at once because, before the Big Bang, space and time did not exist. Therefore there was no single point where it could have started from.

Yes, but how could anything have started from somewhere that didn't exist? And this is where a God usually comes into the equation by many people. But, there again where was God hiding at the time of the Big Bang?

With respect, leaving God to one side, the popular theory about our universe is often likened to an inflating round balloon. As it continuously inflates it creates time and space. This means there is no time and space outside of the universe.

If some spots are drawn on the balloon (let's call them galaxies), and you shrunk yourself down to a minute creature, every way you looked or travelled you would still appear to be at the centre of everything (i.e. the universe).

And weirdly the balloon (universe) continues to expand, creating more time and space, and the point from where it started is everywhere.

Okay, my explanation isn't too special, it's not really my field, so I can understand why lots of people will tell you that: 'In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth'. It's a darn sight easier explanation but, there again ... there are so many questions.

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  1. Suzie08:49

    I'm still scratching my head about all of this, but I think I understand the balloon being like the universe. I was wondering though if there could be lots of universes. It's nearly 9am so I'll have to try and get on with my work but this will puzzle me for most of the day.

  2. The Many Worlds Theory of quantum physics is another puzzler!

  3. Just when I finally understand the String Theory, you want to throw me a balloon? Oh! Wait, if it pops, then there's your Big Bang, right? Mike?