Sunday, November 2

Quotes Of Fairies And Dreaming Of Loved Ones

A couple of short quotes from people who have been in the news this week.

First from the British broadcaster Joan Bakewell, 81, who says she is 'haunted by death'. When asked what she dreamed about she answered:

"The dead. By the time you get to my age you have lost so many friends and family that they come to you in your sleep, which is really quite nice.

My father might turn up and we'll go for a walk, or just have a chat. He was always an inspirational figure, who encouraged me so much.

I'm glad to say my mother doesn't crop up. We had some unresolved issues, so she wouldn't be welcome."

And secondly from the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson talking about what makes her happy:

"I do believe in fairies. I do believe in magic and when you blow on a dandelion, you will see the light of the enchanted spreading their wings and disappearing off on their own journeys, just like you have today when you opened your eyes.

Don’t let the day go by without looking for fairies and magic.

That makes me happy, as every day is, therefore, a day of exploration and adventure."

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  1. I've had dreams of both parents; it always seems so real. However I have never blown on a dandelion so I'll not comment on that.

  2. I've also dreamed of both parents and have actually seen them during meditation. Love the idea of blowing on a dandelion!