Sunday, November 30

Vintage Photos And Images Taken From My Google+ Page Over The Past Week

A mixed bunch of vintage photos and images taken from my Google+ Page over the past week.

Frederick William English
Frederick William English late 1800s
1920s fashion
1920s Fashion
Cottingley fairies 1920
The Cottingley Fairies 1917-1920
Milady Beautiful cover 1918
Milady Beautiful cover 1918
Eagle annual No.2
Eagle Annual Number 2 1950s
John Wayne annual
John Wayne Annual 1950s
1954 Lion children's annual
Lion Annual 1954
1924 photo 10 Downing Street Harold Wilson
Harold Wilson as a child 1924 outside 10 Downing St., London
More Vintage Images & Photos:
1920s to 1950s Images From My Google+ Page

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  1. I've always loved the 1920's fashion - they're swanky and chic.
    I thought I recognized that 10 on the door!

    1. Harold Wilson, in the photo from 1924, went on to become Prime Minister in the 1960s and then, of course, resided at 10 Downing Street.