Tuesday, December 30

White Feathers Told Her That She Would Win Millions On the Lottery

Lottery Winner

A week back there was a show on UK television about big Lottery Winners, and how receiving  all of those millions changed their lives - for good and bad.

It was interesting how people reacted so differently to their wins. There was the woman who gave most of her money to charity and did so much good for the local hospice and then there was the bloke who blew the lot, got into drugs and goodness knows what else, and ended up stony broke and on welfare.

But the point of this post is a very short coincidence story, from the show, which also includes white feathers.

One of the lottery winners told of how her win was exactly two years following her father's death. On the few days prior to the draw she started finding white feathers everywhere. The assumption of this being that it was her father giving her advance notice that her life was about to change. Spirit communication in other words.

Okay, that's the coincidence.

But thinking about her story, it made me wonder if those who have 'gone before' know of what might happen to us during our life on Earth - surely not, that can't be possible, can it?

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the photo at the top of the post is only a mock up.

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  1. Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! white feather.....

    1. Sure was / is ... but we never know what's around that proverbial corner ...

  2. Love the story! If time is an illusion, then perhaps the dead see what's around that corner.

    1. All things are possible! Perhaps we can see round bends.

  3. Like the idea of the white feathers. Makes you wonder.

  4. Happy New Year too Mike.