Tuesday, January 13

Sometimes The Pieces Fit Together To Create A Coincidence


For your delectation today, a couple of short coincidence stories passed to me recently.

"Some years ago my brother- in law, who lived some 5 kms away, was visiting my house. We heard the loud sound of a Volkswagen car coming into my street, sputtering and then going very quiet. We looked out of the front door to see that it was in fact my brother-in-law's car being abandoned by would be thieves, breaking down right in front of my house."

~ Angela Shore

"This happened to me and is absolutely true. In 1992 before I left London to live in the Basque Country I arranged for a friend of a friend to take over my rented flat in Forest Gate. Four years later I went on a holiday to Morocco.

I was playing the travel game with my friend - the one where you get points for meeting people you know when travelling. We hadn't met anyone in Morocco and the score was nil nil. On the boat from Tangiers we went to the bar and sure enough standing there was one of the last people I had seen in Britain before I left for Spain four years earlier. The guy I handed my flat over to. I won the game hands down!"

~ John Heard,

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  1. Those are good ones, Mike.

  2. Such coincidences are pretty incredible aren't they? Never heard of the travel game before. Envy John Heard living in Spain.

    1. I don't think I'd like to live in Spain, great to visit but I'm happy where I am.

    2. I guess there are two types of Englishmen, those who like to adventure and those who don't. I come from the adventuring side. My parents lived in the Mediterranean and I now live in Canada having also lived in the US.

  3. Terrific synchros! That second one is amazing. How many pieces had to be arranged for that to happen?!

    1. Don't know the answer to that Trish!! But it is quite remarkable.