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The Tapping Black Stick Man That Frightened His Mom

Black stick men

JC, who often sends me interesting bits and pieces, sent me the following story. He was wondering if this could have been a Black Stick Man sighting. It's certainly a strange story!

When my mother was about 18 she was visited by what she calls The Tapper. Every night for three months, something would tap on the window of the room she was in, but only when she was alone. This would happen even if the curtains were drawn. Every single night, without fail, this would happen. As soon as anyone else went into the room, or outside to investigate, the tapping would stop.

My grandpa and both my uncles were living in the house too. After three months of this tapping it suddenly ceased. As the silence continued for two weeks grandpa and my two uncles decided to go on a fishing trip one night while my mom stayed at home.

It was just getting dark and my mom was sitting in the living room reading. Then she heard a tap ... tap ... tap ... tap.

She assumed it was the youngest uncle trying to scare her, as it was the sort of thing he would do.

"Bill, knock it off," mom shouted.

The tap ... tap ... tap continued,

"Bill it's not funny, stop it!"

Tap ... tap ... tap ...

Mom got up from the couch and anxiously went to the window.

"Very f****** funny Bill!" and she tapped on the inside of the window herself.

Instead of a tapping sound she heard what seemed to be a hand slamming against the window in response.

Though scared she went back to the couch, still convinced it was the uncle.

At the same time the phone started ringing. It was my grandpa calling her from a neighbour's house to tell her they had looked in, and would be staying there for a while.

"Is Bill with you?" asked my mom.

"Sure he's here."

"Oh s***." exclaims mom.

She run to the front door and locked it, leaving the phone off of the hook.

My grandpa said they would all come back, straight away and hung up.

It took them a few minutes to run from the the neighbour's house.

When they arrived home, they saw a guy standing by the front window, in the bushes. He stood up when they started shouting at him and he took off towards the fence. The guy looked to be well over 7 feet tall.

They chased him to the property line, where a wooden fence separates them from the next neighbour's property. The guy jumped over the fence - which is 7 feet high! He didn't climb over but jumped it completely with one leap.

My uncles did their best to clamber over the fence to keep chasing him. He was only a few seconds ahead of them. And then ... he'd gone! Nowhere to be seen. The property on the other side of the fence is just dirt and grass, no trees or buildings and the neighbour's house is a long distance from the fence. There was nowhere a man could hide.

The strange thing is that the tapping stopped following this and they never saw anyone who looked like that guy again.

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  1. We do seem to have a lot of strange things in this world.

    1. There is a lot of strangeness, that's for sure.

  2. What an eerie story. I wonder if these stick men are entities from a parallel dimension or something.

  3. What a horrid story. I am sure she would have been terrified.

  4. This happened to me this morning at around 515am on march 21, 2017. I was In the living room alone and all night I kepted on hearing something tapping on the windows of the house. Than towards the morning it was still dark outside but than looking outside through a slit of the window curtain I saw a very bright blueish-white light, than I saw many shadowy stick figure beings. I was extremely scared than I texted my mother to come inside the main house and when she did it went away. The light i saw made the sky look as though it was morning. As soon as the light went away, the sky turned back to black. Through the whole night the air around my area felt charged, the hair on my arms was standing up for hours. Whenever I would use my cell phone with my earphones plugged in I would hear this high pitch sound whenever I would touch my phone. When the sun finally came out I went to the spot where I saw the figure standing and tried using my cell phone and the screen got all jambled up. I took a screen shot of it and I can't explain it. Even as I right this I'm feeling that static feeling again and buzzing in my ears and a light bulk just blew out. I'm terridy right now.