Saturday, January 31

Will There Be A Generation Of Idiots One Day?

Albert Einstein

Many sayings are attributed to Albert Einstein, some are true and some aren't. I can't vouch for the one above but it's supposedly legit. If it is, are we now heading in that direction?

Everywhere we go people are looking at screens of varying sizes, rather than talking or taking in the scenery. Technology is a wonderful tool but is it taking over our lives? And what will happen if it does?

There were two friends, who hadn't seen each other for ages, and they met in the local town square. They glanced at each other, said they'd seen each others news on Facebook and scampered off.

That's it for today, got to catch up on my emails, Google +, Twitter and ....

Children using iPhones

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  1. Unfortunately this is so true Mike. A comment I came across the other day - are you taking your iPod anywhere nice this weekend?

  2. In restaurants, I see this a lot! People fiddling with their phones instead of talking to each other.

  3. All technology has its place in the modern world, unfortunately some people havn't learnt how to use it wisely. Comment overheard from 2 people passing in the street "I'll see you on Facebook later" God help them if the net went down!