Tuesday, February 24

Coincidence Of 50 Year Old Postcard

Old postcards

Here's a coincidence story about a picture postcard found a long way from home.

"Looking through some old postcards at an antique show in Winter Haven, one of them had a picture of Illinois College, which is located in Jacksonville, Illinois.

Since my younger sister had graduated from this college, I asked the price. The salesperson told me the price was listed in pencil on the back. When I turned it over, I notice the postmark dated either, 1932 or 1942, The printing had obscured the date. The sales lady finally said that it was postmarked March 9, 1942, in Winchester, Ill.

I began to get excited. The postcard with a picture of the college where my sister graduated, was also postmarked in the year of her birth. Some coincidence, huh? Well there's more.

Both my two parents, my two brothers and myself and other relatives were born in Winchester. So, naturally, I glanced at the signature to see who had written the card. Of all things, it had been written by my Dad's brother, Uncle Joe. What a shock. I had lived in Illinois for about 47 years, moved to Winter Haven and found a postcard, at an antique show, that was written by my uncle many years ago."

~ Phyllis Reynold.

It does appear that postcards and coincidence, or synchronicity go hand in hand. Here's a few more examples.

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  1. Good one! What are the odds?!

  2. Well here's another coincidence for you - your picture is of a card showing the Isle of Sheppey. Many years ago, as a young woman, this was a stomping ground for me and my family who would sail from Hoo, on the River Medway, and anchor off the Island going ashore to visit the Sheerness pub at the quayside.

  3. Okay - my great Aunt Betty went to that college during the 1940's. Met my Uncle Jimmy, married, moved to Winter Haven, Florida!!!

  4. It would be a real treat to find something like that!