Tuesday, January 27

The Old Postcard Coincidence

Vintage postcard of Poole Harbour

A coincidence story today via Jan. Nothing too dramatic, or maybe it is, if you think about the odds of something like this happening.

"I think you may be interested in this coincidence story as it also involves a postcard, which I see you are interested in also.

Conny, a teenager from the Netherlands, spent part of last summer with our family in Poole, Dorset. She was staying as part of an exchange student visit.

One of the places she seemed to like very much was the harbour and the quay at Poole, and the activities that went on there. I remember we had a family boat trip from the quay to Brownsea Island and on another day to Wareham. She said she would like to have seen how it looked in the olden days.

When it was time for her to return home she told us how much she enjoyed her stay and hoped to visit us and the harbour again.

A few days after she had returned to Rotterdam she sent us an email thanking us for her stay. She also sent us a picture of a postcard she had picked up that day in a flea market, which was an old photo of Poole.

It seemed quite a coincidence to me ..."

~ Jan

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  1. Good one! Like you said, Mike, what are the odds?

  2. How strange and cool.