Monday, June 3

Paris Postcard Coincidence

1900 Paris Postcard

Strange isn't it? One 1900 Paris Postcard, showing the Tribunal de Commerce and the Palais de Justice, comes along - and then, like London buses, another follows straight away behind.

Paris France 1900 Postcard

But what is stranger still is that the second postcard was sent on the 10th of April 1900 to a Henry Arondel and by 'coincidence' the French painter Henry Arondel just happened to die on the very same date.

And I found an up to date photo of the identical scene as the postcards taken from the very same spot. The only difference appears to be that there were many more people on the bridge back in 1900.

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  1. nice story odd about the painters death. have never been to paris it seems to be an interesting place

  2. Good synchro! These postcards are intriguing. I've never been to paris, either, only to arles. Bucket list!

  3. Anonymous09:24

    I was there in 2011. Incredibly beautiful city! On August 29, 2013 the ticket stub from our Eiffel Tower visit fell out of a book I was packing to give away. The date on the stub? August 29, 2011. Everyday the past week there is more than just the usual occasional coincidences we all experience from time to time. I dont understand whats happening and am beginning to feel a little upset by it. Tonight after hearing someone mention Paris for the third time today, I googled coincidence Paris France and found this site.