Saturday, March 28

Is God Undefinable?

Xenophanes of Colophon
Xenophanes of Colophon
On a previous post I asked Where is God? Here's a response.

Where is God?

God is everywhere. God is in heaven and God is on earth. God is in every place where there is joy. God is in every place where there is beauty. God is in every place where there is love?

Can we see God?

No, not yet. God is so different from us that we can't see Him with our eyes. Some day, in heaven, we will see him face to face. When we look at our father and our mother who love one another and their children, we see something of the way God loves and takes care of his children.

With respect to the writer that doesn't answer the question for me. If anything it raises even more questions.

In the 6th century BC Xenophanes wrote:

"The Ethiopians say that their gods are snubnosed and blackskinned and the Thracians that theirs are blye-eyed and red-haired.

If only oxen and horses had hands and wanted to draw with their hands or to make the works of art that men make, then horses would draw the figures of their gods like horses, and oxen like oxen, and would make their bodies on the model of their own."

Therefore, even 2600 years ago, it was realised that man makes God in his own image. So how can we ever describe God?  God must surely be more than we can possibly imagine and is therefore undefinable. Or perhaps you disagree.

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  1. Definitely undefinable! Perhaps god is consciousness.

  2. To me, He is self-defining.

  3. I heard a child once say, "God is wherever and whenever and whoever you need God to be." I thought it sounded quite wise actually.

  4. Actually Mike,I think the responder did answer your question correctly in the first three words of the response
    "God is Everywhere",unfortunately they wrecked their answer by trying to define it even more with the rest of their answer.