Monday, March 30

A Fishy Address - Beyond The Realms Of Mere Chance

Fishing joke

A quickie story today about names that fit the situation, perhaps by coincidence.

"Years ago I was a builders' merchant in Rhyl. We had a customer named Mr Fish who lived in River Street. He used to make ornaments out of white casting plaster.

He came into my office one day, explaining that he was Mr Fish from River Street, but that he had now moved to Aquarium Street!"

Roger Harrison Jones.

I know the above is slightly different, but Carl Jung thought there may be a significance between a name and a profession. He called it 'the compulsion of a name.' An example would be, Willie Power who just happened to be the IT Leader for the Viagra manufacturers in Ireland - yes, really.

Jung reckoned that a connection between a man's name and his job, or even other peculiarities, amounted to 'gross coincidence' - something beyond the realms of mere chance.

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  1. Don't think either hubby or I were affected by our last name.