Monday, May 4

By Coincidence The Retired Doctor Met The Twins He Had Delivered

Twins coincidence

Here's a short coincidence story I found in the archives of the Ottawa Citizen.

"Despite the fact odds of these two chance meetings occuring range between long and impossible - they happened.

Liberal Senator Fred McGrand holidayed in the south. He's 95, a former minister of health in the New Brunswick Legislature, and before that a practising physician.

He attended mass in Barbados one Sunday morning and the name of the priest sounded familiar. He waited to meet the man.

As a doctor, he had delivered only half a dozen sets of twins and remembered the names. A brief chat with the priest proved Dr McGrand was right, and the priest was indeed one of a set of twins he had delivered.

Later in the holiday the senator was travelling through southern U.S. by bus. A woman passenger, somewhere near Arizona, watched him for a while and then approached him, asking if his name was McGrand ... it was the other twin!"

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  1. Wow!! What are the odds on THIS one??

  2. Incredible how such things can happen.