Tuesday, May 5

A Coincidence And A Walk Through Tenerife Banana Plantations - 10 Photos

Teneriffe Coast and banana plantations

Ten photos from a walk we did in Tenerife in the Canary Islands - along the coast through some banana plantations. First though, the photos reminded me of a coincidence.

After the walk we were heading back to a small town and I said to Karin that we needed a map to see if there was anything interesting we may have missed. Within about 100 yards along the path, on the ground was - yes, a map. The one we wanted!

Anyway, back to the walk. At first there was a proper pathway between the plantations, though the bananas were well fenced off unless, that is ...

Path through banana plantations Canary Islands

... you were a cockerel or chicken. They clucked away happily between the plants.

Cockerel Tenerife

As we got higher, and the path more stony and uneven, we looked back and could see the hills had been terraced.

Terraced hills in Canary Islands

We were still close to the coast and some of the cacti had a good view.

North coast of Tenerife

The cliffs were black from the volcanic rocks ...


... and the sea was quite rough in parts looking down from on high.

White waves in Canary Islands

However, a little further and there was a small idyllic beach of black sand and white waves against the blue of he sea.

Perfect beach with black sand on Tenerife

The walk ended abruptly with a warning that the path ahead was dangerous. reluctantly we had to turn around but had the consolation of being able to see a way down to the beach in the photo above.

Footpath sign Canary Islands

And, of course we had seen lots of bananas!

Bunch Canary Islands bananas

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  1. How lovely. Beautiful scenery.

  2. Gorgeous photos! And I love the synchro. You needed a map and voila - there it was!

  3. That looks like a beautiful walking trail with lots of interesting vegetation in addition to the bananas. Did you keep the map?! That was a very lucky and coincidental find!