Thursday, May 14

The Coincidence Of The Painting He Received

Painting by Ernest Buckmaster - Beach scene
Painting by Ernest Buckmaster
Mr. Charker used to work in the Australian Customs Department.

A New Zealand stationer decided to set up a business in Sydney and brought with him his unused stock. The goods were subject to import duty and included reproductions of paintings and prints.

Mr Charker explained: "Ordinarily, an importer has invoices or documents regarding cost prices. In this case this evidence was not available. In the absence of documents it was my responsibility to access values for duty purposes.

"Inquiries were made at Pratten Bros to ascertain a fair and reasonable wholesale selling price for reproductions to ascertain a value for duty purposes.

"They sent me a print - a view of Chinaman's Beach, painted by Ernest Buckmaster. Imagine my surprise to find that it had been painted from my own property at Mosman, and that Pratten Brothers had chosen this particular print, from the thousands, to send me!"

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